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  1. Paradox916

    Not sure if I had said this enough....

    Thank you all! This little community has been very helpful in both the hobby of electronics, pedal building and a challenging time in my life...
  2. Paradox916

    Dwarven Hammer

    Finished up a Dwarven hammer for a friend..(but I want to keep it...) with help from @Chuck D. Bones making the blinking lights work( that was all Chuck I was banging my head on the table trying to figure it out) and the green LED swap for the 1n4148 clipping diodes (makes the pedal way more...
  3. Paradox916

    In over my head on SMD project

    Once again my lack of knowledge and skill set is no match for my hubris.... being infatuated with the muzzle circuit. I started down the rabbit hole of seeing what it would take to modify it to work with the that4305 and external op amps, all the tech data is available and seemed to be...
  4. Paradox916

    Anyone contemplating using J201s for xc phaser?

    Them 2N5952 And equivalents are hard to get a hold of these days anyone give SMD subs a go like the the J201? Just curious.
  5. Paradox916

    Funky wah mod Wednesday!

    Because it came up in another thread... a modded GCB-95, If I had known then what I known now... save some time and money just get a PPCB board and end up with a better Wah... but what is done is done enjoy....🤣
  6. Paradox916

    Favorite PedalPCB compressor

    I don’t have a lot of experience with compressors but I did build a General Tso’s and I like it...But having never really played with a compressor pedal this is my only experience which begs the question what are the others like? And which is your favorite build?
  7. Paradox916

    Pedal challenge! (Not a competition)

    So I see a lot of pedals being built but rarely get to hear them.. after all we build them to play right? so here is the challenge make a video Or sound clip of a riff, solo, cord progression, improve jam or a whole song using one or more pedals you built. It doesn’t have to be perfect or...
  8. Paradox916

    Muzzle.... with all the bells and whistles

    So I finally finished this one... had to make it special... made the range switch external, bi color (green/red) illuminated stomp and the gating indicator in the light plate (inspired by @Stickman393 parasite build) and help with the graphics from @SillyOctpuss
  9. Paradox916

    Triangulum (ABDUCTION AUDIO addition )

    Yes I’m one of those dirt mongers... it was a pretty easy build even with the latching jack mod... ( if you do it... make sure to measure and drill carefully there really isn’t a lot of room for error in that spot.) it only had one knob so I had to make it a little more fun. Sounds good nice...
  10. Paradox916

    Because I wanted my own pseudo-brand...

    I give you....
  11. Paradox916

    Need help with deciding on graphics for a muzzle

    So I’m finishing up a muzzel it will have a few mods... an external range switch, an illuminated stomp(green for off red for on) and the gated led indication will be an under lit panel.. (blue for gated and red for active... so here are my graphics ideas Im not 100% on ether so witch one? Or can...
  12. Paradox916

    First try at SMD

    So I was curious about giving SMD components a go... but didn’t want to jump in too deep... so I got some LEDs to make a two tone bank for an Practice project with a common cathode. Them little suckers are kind of a pain if you don’t have steady hands...
  13. Paradox916

    How did you label your hammered finish box?

    Just curious is anyone labeled their Hammered finished box, I have a Tyrian in a copper finished one looks cool but the Tyrian I just couldn’t get into so that little guy is going up for adoption.... Anyways has anyone tried to decal one?(that seems like that wouldn’t work very well. ) hand...
  14. Paradox916

    Inebriated pedal might feel stupid in the morning...

    So I was a few too many beers in and was all excited about this build(Dwarven Hammer) so I boxed it right up and went for it! (I always bench check it before I box it... and the one time I didn’t🤨) and to my dismay one of the attack channels sounded weird... can you see where I went wrong? Felt...
  15. Paradox916


    Straight forward build according to the build docs had to tune c50k pots with resistors to get them down to 25k on the nose(probably closer than actual alpha pots) I was a litt off on my drilling so ended up popping off the dust covers on the pots as to have clearance with the jacks. Artwork...
  16. Paradox916

    Adventures in breadboarding TPA3118 pedal amp

    First shot at breadboarding... I still got a long way to go but the basic circuit design works right out of the gate. It’s nice and clean no noise. Thanks to you guys!
  17. Paradox916

    That4301 IC

    Been camping on this little guy for a while... last of the Mohicans right there buddy (or maybe Bigfoot)... got to try and make this one a little extra special... external mounted range switch? or no It’s all so getting the stomp with the led and not drilling the enclosure for the 5mm.
  18. Paradox916

    Never walk into your work area barefoot....

    SON OF A B!$&#!!!.... that hurt just a little... keep track of them resistor legs...the sick part about the whole thing is I thought to take a pic and post it here.
  19. Paradox916

    When breakout boards turn you into a lunatic...

    Wires..... to..each other.....AAAAAAHHH!!!!