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  1. Idlebeach

    Conqueror Fuzz - Can I make it a bit louder?

    Howdy! I just finished building the Conqueror Fuzz and it sounds pretty darn neat. The only thing I would like to change is getting unity volume at least a little closer to noon. Right now I would say its around 2:30-3ish? Give or take. Not sure that it's going to help but I think that's the...
  2. Idlebeach

    Low Tide - Almost Working. Help?

    Howdy partners. I am not a circuitry genius like it seems like a lot of people online are. Perhaps I am not skilled enough to finish this but I think with a few nudges this can be figured out. I have built quite a few pedals and troubleshot a bunch on my own but I am just not sure what to do...
  3. Idlebeach

    Low Tide - what differences are on the revision?

    I got a Low Tide PCB last month and I have had some issues getting all the parts so I put it on the back burner. Today I opened up the Low Tide document and it looks like it was just updated (today actually) - if anyone in the know happens to know what the differences are.. What are they? I see...
  4. Idlebeach

    Procrastinator swell speed mod?

    Hello! I just wanted to get some input on what part I could swap out to increase the swell time on this bad boy? I built one last night and I think it more or less works but the swell is so short. I also wouldn't mind adjusting the sensitivity if anyone has info on that too. I assume there is a...
  5. Idlebeach

    Cepheid to be more like Caesar?

    I would've liked to build the Caesar but it wasn't in stock. That being said the Cepheid sounds wonderful and I assume I could probably mod it. I tried a couple tonepad mods (vibrato switch and intensity) but I'd like to add the dry/chorus/vibrato knob instead of the chorus/vibrato switch if...
  6. Idlebeach

    Boneyard Edition - What Is It?

    Hello! My first thread here is probably going to make me look like a doofus but it's all good. :geek: What is a "Boneyard Edition" in general? From the context clues I found on here so far I assume someone takes the normal pcb/circuit and does a handful of modifications? So the Boneyard is...