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  1. Cobrah

    Blackout Fix’d Fuzz Deluxe

    Had one of these and regret selling it badly. I’ve been wanting to build a strip board version, but the off board wiring looks like a nightmare. Please please bring this one to life on a PCB!
  2. Cobrah

    Infanem Driving Notion & 141 Fuzz's

    Always wanted some of their stuff and never jumped on it while they where still in business. I've found veroboard layouts and schematics of of the driving notion, but nothing on the 141 G or T fuzz's. Wishful thinking on the 141 but I'd love at least the Driving Notion PCB to be done!
  3. Cobrah

    Sourcing a CH341A

    Howdy, just ordered an FV-1 development board and the store was out of stock on CH341A chips. Anyone know where I can source one to get going with some FV-1 programming? I can only find ones that are part of an already soldered USB programmer. Might just get one of those and try and solder wick...