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  1. Bricksnbeatles

    FV1 Chip - Are these interchangeable between PCB's

    All the programming is stored on the EEPROM chip (a 24LC32A), which is included with the PCB if it’s one that needs it (except the arachnid or pythagoras, which both need you to order one from the EEPROM builder or burn your own). The FV-1 is the same for all of them though
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    Going off the SMDeep End

    Just gotta know the right target temperature (get some cheap practice smd boards to experiment on if you’d like) and keep an eye on it while it’s in. You probably need more precision when you’re dealing with the sophisticated chipsets and processors in complex computer stuff, where the things...
  3. Bricksnbeatles

    Bellum Fuzz MKII weak fuzz/ no sustain

    The 100r and 470k in the top left as well as the 10k on the bottom right appear to have globs of solder melted onto them. The 100r especially looks to have had its casing partially melted. I’d pull those three and measure their resistance, and likely just replace them regardless of if they meet...
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    Max transistors?

    Are we counting the transistors inside of ICs? ;)
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    Going off the SMDeep End

    My early SMD work I did 1206 for everything because I was just starting out, but I’ve done a good amount of smaller sized SMD boards from Oshpark etc. and at times where doing it by hand was too time consuming, I used solder paste and did reflow work in a toaster over that I just use for curing...
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    Favorite builds that run on 18 volts?

    I find that Tonebender Mk-3 style fuzzes sound pretty cool at 18v. Pretty hard to describe— not like an overdrive or a distortion, but also not like a normal fuzz anymore. I’d recommend something like the Marigold fuzz (while I haven’t built that before, it looks like a good mk 3 style flavor—...
  7. Bricksnbeatles

    Going off the SMDeep End

    Yeah, looking back at this, I’m actually a bit confused. 1μF is much larger than the pF-nF range that a rough majority of the caps in a pedal would fall under, so you would assume they’d have a larger footprint, rather than a smaller footprint compared to the smaller cap values. Perhaps he meant...
  8. Bricksnbeatles

    FYI: Tayda now sells taller 1590BB enclosures

    Hopefully they add powder coat and UV options for this as well. Am I correct in assuming this is equivalent to a 1590BBS? I’m hoping they eventually come around to my suggestion of carrying 1590G and 1590BS enclosures as well.
  9. Bricksnbeatles

    Phaser for bass

    Yeah Yeah, OTA phasers are my personal fav for bass. Had a reissue Bad Stone for years as my bass phaser, but I just got a Lectric FX PCB for the Bloodstone Phaser, which is a copy of the vintage big-box Bad Stone with the phase/vibrato switch. Gonna be modifying that a fair bit as well so I...
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    Strymon phaser , what do you think?

    It’s cool, but aside from the very cool barber/shepherd waveform, I’d say it’s relatively underwhelming. I mean… strymon is has the technology and the minds to do some really spectacular new features and ideas for a phaser, and instead they come up with a box with two pretty basic phasers with...
  11. Bricksnbeatles

    Phaser for bass

    I personally think the Bad Stone circuit is the best phaser for bass, but it isn’t exactly what would be most people’s ideal bass phaser. Probably the easiest phaser to adapt for bass would be to take the phase 90 or phase 45 circuit, and replace the two mixer resistors with a pot. A phase 90...
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    Songs with epic tones and feels you like

    Robert Fripp killing it on this one
  13. Bricksnbeatles

    Short Solos— Keeping it Concise!

    Another favorite of mine. A super short solo, and what’s better than harmonized slide guitar melodies?
  14. Bricksnbeatles

    Songs with epic tones and feels you like

    Gotta love ZHR! Great track. So many people hate the Broadway the Hard Way version, but it’s still a killer track with a great solo!
  15. Bricksnbeatles

    CONTEST Protoboards have landed...

    +1 I’ve been waiting on the big protoboard for a while now, and if they sell out while I’m waiting to get paid by Ticketmaster for the concert tix I had to sell off, I’m gonna be very disappointed in myself
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    Short Solos— Keeping it Concise!

    Of course, it’s none other than Mark, the Phlorescent Leech and Howard “Eddie” Kalyan. You’ve also got King Crimson’s very own Ian McDonald, hot off the tracks of his McDonald & Giles LP from the prior year!
  17. Bricksnbeatles

    Short Solos— Keeping it Concise!

    Funny you should mention that— I actually made a list of my favorite short solos a year or two ago, and Elliot makes the cut on at least 10-15 different songs on it. I’ve modeled a lot of my soloing philosophy around asking the question “is this how Elliot would play it” even though...
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    I'm a bit disappointed...

    Got that too before. I wonder how many brave/foolish souls clicked the link 😂
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    Short Solos— Keeping it Concise!

    Inspired by @peccary’s long-running “Now Playing” thread which many of us regularly participate in, I thought it might be fun to recognize an overlooked aspect of guitar solos in particular— Conciseness. So often guitar solos are used as a vehicle for self-indulgence— they’re showy and...
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    Maestro Bass Brassmaster (FuzzDog)…

    I love Brassmaster style fuzz! Always wanted to build one of the FuzzDog Brassmaster boards, but they were always out of stock when it was time to order other boards from them. I’m probably gonna build the madbean Brassmaster soon so I can get my Hiero BEAD off my board so it’s safer now that...