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  1. Haigster

    Problem with Nucleus Overdrive

    I need some help with this pedal, I've made 5 in a row without any problems but this one has me stumped. The signal sounds great right up until the end of the circuit and then gets really quiet and noisy (ground hum). Here's a gut shot and where I believe the problem is in the schematic. I've...
  2. Haigster

    Anyone build the Nucleus Overdrive yet?

    I've just started building the Nucleus Overdrive PCB and I was wondering if there are any good alternatives to the 2N5457 transistor? Tayda have been out of them for more than a month.
  3. Haigster

    Anyone interested in an FX loop?

    Thinking about building my own FX loop for a Marshall 100w head. Something like this: Would PedalPCB ever consider building one of these? thanks
  4. Haigster

    Kliche Mini has High Frequency Noise

    Not sure if anyone has come across this problem, I've built two Kliche Mini pedals, they sound amazing and I've been using them for months. But my 50 year old ears didn't hear the high frequency noise that was being generated when both these pedals are activated. I only noticed when I was...
  5. Haigster

    SOLVED Specialist reverb sounds muffled

    Just finished this build and everything works but the sound is muffled, the high end frequencies are gone, also when I turn up the mix it howls a low mid feedback. Can you look over my gutshot and let me know if something is out of whack? Thanks for your help Haig
  6. Haigster

    Changing EEPROM on my Haarp?

    I built a Haarp a few weeks ago. It’s cool but not that practical for my guitar playing so I was wondering if it’s possible to buy a new 24LC32A with the patches I want and swap it out with the Haarp on, will that work? I don’t see why not, it’s not exactly the same as the Octagon but pretty...
  7. Haigster

    SOLVED MagnetronDelay problem

    Need some help with my Magnetron Delay build, I get a muddy very quiet delay even with the gain trim up all the way and the Level Pot full. I built an audio probe and the signal coming out of OPA2134 is lower than coming into the PCB(in) and going into the PT2399 is very quiet at pins 10 and 11...