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    Choral Reef

    That capacitor doesn’t affect the voltage: it’s a decoupling capacitor meant to shunt noise from the power supply and isolate it from the circuit. The 8k2 resistor is there to provide the bias voltage (i.e., VB in the choral reef build doc). Both are important parts of the bias voltage circuit...
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    Choral Reef

    Yeah, you’ve got it. Compare the schematic to the trace picture and you can see how it translates. Without traces, you have to use the continuity setting on your DMM. Definitely a worthwhile skill to develop.
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    Choral Reef

    Check the schematic. Your build has C5 populated instead of C6.
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    Choral Reef

    You have it installed correctly. Reference page 3 of the V2 VFE Switching document. Also, those spots are not interchangeable.
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    Emanating fist electronics

    I’m pretty sure you’d be able to make dope priest on any muff board.
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    Angry Andy Plus & Informant Overdrive

    It should be noted, though, that the suffix with other charge pumps (e.g., TC1044) does have meaningful impact on the EC/specs.
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    CDXL test … and a question for anyone building it -

    You should be using a VTL5C4/2 I believe. Also see here.
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    The excavation has begun....

    Whaaaat. Concrete goop?
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    Valhalla issue

    Have you tried a charge pump IC from a different vendor than Tayda?
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    How to fix a pcb without potentiometer ?

    Put electrical tape below where you plan on mounting it in the enclosure. Then tape the bottom of the board with double-sided 3M foam tape (maybe two layers depending on the thickness of the tape) after you've finished all of your soldering. Slap that sucker into place and get to octaving. Don't...
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    Big Knobs - how big have you gone!?

    You can fit them, it’s close but it works. It can look pretty slick IMO. EDIT: On my build I was thinking of, the knobs were 19mm, not 20mm. Other comments below have good advice.
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    Jhs moonshine v2

    Wow is that a solid name.
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    We should be painting our pedals black

    Some folks have used black on black in the past with pedals. It's big with other screen print applications as well (e.g., tee shirts and posters/other printed material). I'm gonna file this under "Manufactured scarcity with novelty appeal."
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    9v, 12v and 18v ?

    On some modulation effects (e.g., BBD-based chorus) you can benefit from additional headroom and a greater depth of effect. That's not going to be true across the board, but there definitely is an advantage to increased voltage in those effects. Many EHX units run at 24v for this reason (among...
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    @HamishR brings up an important point. At low volume a TS-type circuit will sound like a clean signal mixed with a low-gain overdrive. I would imagine the result would be the same going through a solid state amp (at any volume). This won't necessarily be the greatest signal effect. You may want...
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    3pdt breakout: wires keep snapping

    I didn't mean to infer that solid core is across the board a bad idea; however, solid core wire is less forgiving to manipulation (particularly at joints) and requires some more foresight with a wiring scheme. For that reason, I'd hesitate to recommend solid core to folks just starting out. In...
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    3pdt breakout: wires keep snapping

    I would recommend not doing this. Although it may be easier, it invites issues with mechanical failure in the long run.Aluminum enclosures have an amount of give to them. By isolating the 3PDT switch from the motherboard via wiring, the switch/daughterboard is able to move independently and not...
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    3pdt breakout: wires keep snapping

    I would suggest trying a different source for wire and perhaps honing your soldering technique. Are you twisting the wires excessively after they've been soldered?
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    3pdt breakout: wires keep snapping

    Where are you getting your wire? That shouldn’t be an issue as much with stranded wire (as opposed to solid core, which is more susceptible to breaking when overly manipulated/handled), so I’m a little confused. What solder/iron temperature are you using? Those joints look very suspect as well...
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    Chalumeau / Mid-Fi Clari(not) Delay Control

    I just cut the trace on the pcb and doubled up on the solder pads with wires to a switch. If I add the buffer option, I’m going to have to reconnect it and cut somewhere before the junction of the resistors leading to pt2399 pins 15/16 since the signal output from the LM386 will have to be...