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  1. cooder

    Hydra aka Tape Machine

    I know I'm so lucky I had a FV-1 kicking around and it took a wee while through the maelstrom of international shipping, but I got the board and chip from the boss, and it was time to put it together. It's fantastic, when those chips are finally available again you all need to build one as well...
  2. cooder

    And the Kloniverse continues....

    Bill Finnegan did a live stream, starts about at 10:00 min mark one here, so if you want to hear some overdrive pedals played (not very entertaining I might warn) and the low down on the not so mythical but special 1N34a diodes and the card table where it all began, wanna see Klon #001 and yes...
  3. cooder

    Trying to run asprogrammer but can't get English language going

    I'm trying to run asprommer as found here but it comes up with Russian language and not with the screenshot as shown in the wiki page. What the heck do I need to do to run it properly? Bit...
  4. cooder

    Colorsound Sola Sound tremolo

    As the title says. Anyone knows how the schematic of this is, where to find it? Cheers
  5. cooder

    THAT 2159 chip supplier?

    Sos eeing the Creamety compressor out where would I be able to find a THAT2159 chip? I checked Mouser and Smallbear so far with no cigar.
  6. cooder

    Cap-less audio path?

    This OD boost ahs apparently no coupling caps in audio path, so how did they do that?
  7. cooder

    Sources for THAT 4301?

    Anyone know where I can get THAT4301 smd chips for the Muzzle, I can't seem to find them at Mouser or Smallbear. Cheers
  8. cooder

    Shipping rate to New Zealand, am I seeing right...?

    Been waiting for the Hydra to get back in stock, stuck it in cart and four EEPROMS to ship to New Zealand, cost $46 for part plus shipping $ 73.92. Am I seeing this correct, because that's a definite no for me. Ouch.
  9. cooder

    What programs on Octagon and Module 8 eeprom?

    Sorry if this has been already answered elsewhere or I'm too blind to find it, but what effects are pre programmed on the Octagon and Module 8 eeproms? Both are compatible with the latest version Arachnid board, correct? Just weighing up if I go with those pre programmed one or with the custom...
  10. cooder

    Freak Fuzz aka Fuchsia Fuzz

    Some great sounding versatile fuzzynesss here, highly recommended. I built the treble/bass version, relay bypass board is homebrew. Recycled enclosure that had previous holes filled, then spray painted black inside.
  11. cooder

    Pinball Wizard multi fx unit

    I have posted about this extensively over at Madbean pedals and some of you might have seen it there, however since that is a 'members only' area 'll post it here as well. And there's some pedalpcb boards buried in there as well ;) Link to Madbean is here btw...
  12. cooder

    PT2399 at Mouser?

    Does Mouser not have PT2399 chips or am I just missing the right search on their site?!? I'm in particular looking for smd PT2399 (they seem out of stcok at Smallbear).
  13. cooder

    Recommendations for best 2N5952 Jfet substitute?

    What are you guys recommendations for substituting 2n5952 jfet with? I don't mind going smd, so would a mbf5457 or mbfj201 be a good replacement? Cheers!
  14. cooder

    Schematics coming soon....

    Schematics coming soon.... I know i keep on harping on about this like there's no tomorrow. I just like to learn and have them available for trouble shooting and comparing. Could we maybe have a section in the pedal wiki with just the schematics linked up, the ones to the existing pedalpcb...
  15. cooder

    What's the latest word on LED / LDR for Delegate comp/EQD Warden

    Title says it all, what's the consensus on the best combo? White LED (where sourced) and GL5516 LDR? Cheers!
  16. cooder

    NE555 as chargepump.... how does that work?

    Just looking at Vfe schematics to learn and understand stuff, Peter uses the NE555 chip which is dirt cheap as chargepump in some circuits. This example is from the Fiery Red Horse. Can someone explain me how that works and what voltages can we coax out of that, what are advantages and downsides...
  17. cooder

    Buxom and Mini Kliche

    Black Betty Boost/Buxom Boost. Nice versatile with the selectable tonestack and good output to drive the amp. Afterburner /Mini Kliche wired for true bypass (I know, sacrilege...) and relay bypass because I like it that way. I did resist doing any horsy or rainbow farts unicorn graphics.
  18. cooder

    Super Stevie versus Timmy versus...

    The Super stevie is just a bit of a modded Timmy is that right? Which has stricking similarities with Vemueram Jan Ray and Lovepedal 11 and... It would be good to be able to see the schematics please to understand and learn a bit what's happening there and where the similarities and differences are
  19. cooder

    Transistor recommendations for Fuchsia Fuzz?

    What would you guys recommend for the 2N1308 NPN transistor in Fuchsia Fuzz, what hfe and leakage am I shooting for? Suggestions for substitutions? Cheers!
  20. cooder

    M800 PAL 800 JCM Emulator run at 18V?

    Wondering if I can run the M800 / PAL 800 JCM Emulator with a charge pump at 18 V for increased headroom and punch as well as on 9V for 'normal' sound? Silly idea, yay or nay?