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    Anyone need Kliche 3pdt wiring board?

    I got a pair of them I didn't use. I'm assuming there won't be much need without the Kliche PCB itself, but you never know! Happy to pass along.
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    Bontempo - Tap Tempo for PT2399 Anyone seen this? I've been eyeing it for away, Electric Canary just listed it for sale a few days ago. Looks to be more promising (and cheaper) than the TapTation because you can calibrate the Bontempo, have seen all over the nets that the TT is...
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    Timmy's (Tommy III and more)

    The Timmy is my favorite overdrive, have had one on more board for at least 10 years. Snagged a v3 from Paul this year which is now the one velcro'd to my board. Such a simple, brilliant pedal. This weekend I built a pair of them, a Tommy III and a v2 on vero. Vero/v2 is for a friend and his...
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    Kliché - Klon Centaur/Minotaur

    I always got a good chuckle from the Ceriatone Klone with the dickbutt graphic instead of the horsieguy. Wanted to put that on a klon for awhile but the fella I built it for requested it to be church friendly. Alas, I built him a Minotaur. Audio taper for the volume instead of linear, D9J ge...
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    Malificent Mids - A magnificent pain

    Wanted a new booster on my board. This does the job splendid, a good healthy mid boost to cut through! Happy with how it sounds and looks! This pedal was a pain in my ass! Not the project in particular, or getting it into the 1590B. Tested out of the box, worked great. Put it in the box, very...
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    SPDT Mini Slide (ESP1010)

    for Tommy III. Anyone USA friends have an extra ESP1010 sitting around that I could paypal/venmo a few $$ for? If this is not allowed feel free to delete, couldn't find rules about buying/trading.
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    EffZeeToo - Hyped Fuzz

    The FZ-2 is rad. Sort of muffy but cooler, nice to be able to gets some mids with the toggle and having hi/lo control. Stock build except transistors were subbed with BC546C.
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    RAT - Saved enclosure, circuit rebuild on vero

    Pots on my Rat were super scratchy and/or broke. Instead of having to source those thru PCB pots with the long shaft and new knobs, I decided to rebuild the whole circuit on stripboard and put it back in the enclosure. NOS Motorola LM308AH and NOS Fairchild 2n5458 JFET. Also put a regular DC...