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    Showing off...

    Very cool. I love everything tape! I'm perpetually bummed I didn't buy a space echo 10 years ago when they were like half of what they go for now. I've got several 8 track machines, reel to reel, cassette players out the wazoo, tascam machines, most of that shit is broken or needs work, ya know...
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    Showing off...

    Is it an echo machine that runs off an 8 track cartridge?
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    Pops'n'crackles aaarrrgghhhhhhh

    Sounds good to me. Nice playing too!
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    Effects Layouts Paladin

    Nope that's @Gordo
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    Tayda EP Booster - lil pedal, big tone

    Nice work! That looks fun
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    Chickenhead Boost

    If you had to do it again, would you go with the Trinity tweed still?
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    Chickenhead Boost

    Lol I wish i knew when to stop when I hit the right thing
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    Chickenhead Boost

    That sounds really great. Did the tweed deluxe become your favorite amp @jjjimi84 ?
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    How do I properly bias the Chop Shop (Barbershop)?

    I believe someone covered it in this thread:
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    Tracking Number Delay

    Lol thanks for the super old thread bump
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    Aion Aperture (Ampeg Scrambler)

    Yup, aion is great. Just check the wiring diagram and plan ahead
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    Analogman nkt red dot hfe

    This is one reason why I bought a sunface. I've never played a vintage arbiter fuzz face, but Mike sure has. There are lots of people selling pedals out there that are pushing bullshit way more nefariously than analogman. My view on all his transistor descriptions is "this is what it sounds...
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    Pendulum harmonic tremolo

    That looks great and those are some plump lil chickens
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    Rig Run Down Clapton

    Post your favorite rig rundowns here y'all
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    Post your guitar that's been in a case too long

    @SillyOctpuss amps in storage you say? 👀
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    No shame in that game
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    @thewintersoldier posting build reports like
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    Guitar room walkthrough,

    I'd rather have the barns than the guitars tbh. Please post pics