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  1. megatrav

    Effects Layouts Tracksuit DRV- no audio

    Hey folks, I've been having a streak of bad luck with builds lately. This is number 3 in a row that isn't working. This is the Tracksuit by Effects Layouts. It's their take on the DRV. It includes the relay bypass and buffer. I am getting no audio when engaged or bypassed. The relay is...
  2. megatrav

    Klon/Kliche diodes

    I know there are tons of options for diodes that work well with this circuit. When I built my first Klone I ordered some of these 1N34A I haven't seen people using them much so I assume they are different than the ones used in the real pedal. Can anyone explain the difference? I know that...
  3. megatrav

    Sea Lion Comp (Guitar pcb mania) LED staying on

    I posted about this build in another thread related to wiring a charge pump board. Pedalpcb gave me the test method and when I remove the SW wire, the LED remains lit. I checked all of my connections and reflowed just about every joint and it did not fix the problem. I am assuming its something...
  4. megatrav

    Lemon Rockerverb- no sound when engaged

    I've been working on this build from guitar pcb mania. I have bypassed sound. No sound when engaged but I do have an LED. I took some shots of the board and I can't spot any bad connections so I think I might have the switch Ground and Control backwards. The PCB only says CNTRL. I haven't...
  5. megatrav

    Jfet biasing issue- Lemon Rockerverb preamp

    I am almost finished with this build. I am currently working on biasing the jfets. I am able to get all of them set to right at 4.5v except the first one. Using the trimpot, I am only able to get around 8.3v- 9.8v throughout the whole turn. Would this indicate an issue with the Jfet itself or...
  6. megatrav

    Modified Radium Springs

    Mod ideas: -2 foot switches: one for tremolo and one for reverb -only 2 modes: throbbing tremolo and harmonic tremolo (spring reverb for both settings) -one knob dedicated to reverb, 2 for tremolo control
  7. megatrav

    Charge Pump Board wiring

    I am probably over thinking this, but I want to confirm that I am connecting the Charge Pump board correctly. First, I see 2 ins and outs and neither appear to be for ground. It also has 2 +/- holes on the top. I am not planning on using a switch to change voltage, just wiring it for 18v. Any...
  8. megatrav

    2n5457 replacement?

    I forgot to order a single 2N5457 for the guitarpcbmania Sea Lion Compressor that I am building. I do have PN4393, N-channel JFETs, and PN2222A - would any of these work instead or am I better off ordering the correct part? Here is a link to the build doc here: Sea Lion Compressor
  9. megatrav

    Delay with tap tempo and subdivisions

    I know this is a talk order but I think it would be fantastic to have a delay that had tap tempo and a toggle switch for different subdivisions (1/4, 1/8th, dotted 1/8, etc)
  10. megatrav

    Wampler SLOstortion

    Could be fun!
  11. megatrav

    Radium Springs, dual footswitch

    Has anyone tried to wire up the radium springs with a second footswitch so that one controls reverb and one controls tremolo? Is this even possible?
  12. megatrav

    Small sound/big sound mini

    lets do it!
  13. megatrav

    Boss OD-3

    I like this one best out of the Boss drive pedals. It would be fun to build one with true bypass
  14. megatrav

    MAX1044CPA alternative

    Hi, I am currently building a Tracksuit/DRV from Effects Layouts. I was wondering if anyone knows what could work as a substitution? Tayda is out of the MAX1044CPA's right now. Thanks!
  15. megatrav

    Pandora's Box Bass Toggle

    Hello, I am going to build one of these sometime soon. I have seen the mod of adding a bass contour control, but I was wondering if anyone has done the bass switch like the JHS Kilt v2? If so, please let me know!
  16. megatrav

    J Rockett Tim Pierce signature overdrive

    This one may be random but it's suppose to be based on a Naylor SD60 which sounds cool
  17. megatrav

    Kingsley Harlot

    Y'all know what it is.
  18. megatrav

    Bondi Sick As OD

    Throwing it in the hat
  19. megatrav

    Pulp N Peel

    Since the last thread was archived, I thought I would make a new one. I picked
  20. megatrav

    Abider- alter mid frequency

    I originally posted this in the General Questions section, not realizing there is a Modifications section. I recently built one of these and was thinking about messing with the voicing, mostly what the deep control does to the midrange. Would I achieve this by changing c26 and c28? Or should I...