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  1. Mentaltossflycoon


    So as a person who chose a zappa lyric as my name here, I had no choice but to make this. The more I've been playing with this the more it seems a very useful studio tool. Fun to stack with my dirty circuits. Another fantastic project!
  2. Mentaltossflycoon

    Fat fuzz factory

    Another moonn board, heavy machinery. I like this one a lot. I'm not a big germanium fuzz guy, I enjoy not obsess but I need to wet my beak with fancy parts occasionally. Graphic is another 70s psychology textbook cover. This is the pair of transistors that I drenched in super glue over in the...
  3. Mentaltossflycoon

    Acapulco tone

    Pcb mania board, the added clean blend and bass/treble control make this nice nice on bass.
  4. Mentaltossflycoon

    Ugly face

    I picked up a few boards from moonn out of curiosity. This is the tim escobedo ugly face which moonn calls the backpfeifengesicht. and it's a lot of fun. It's fuzzy and nasty but also a crazy glitch envelope filtery oscillator that makes sounds akin to the data corrupter. Kind of hard to...
  5. Mentaltossflycoon


    Nothing funky going on here, except for the graphic. A buddy referred to some of the pedal graphics I've put together as "Max Ernst if he had an Iphone and was an idiot." I take this as a high compliment. I was struggling to find the right look and decided to do a few pedals w Ernst...
  6. Mentaltossflycoon

    Polar Cap

    I've had the habit of waiting to box up my projects while being overly indecisive about the aesthetic. I've spent this week more focused on finishing up enclosures than new projects so I will likely be posting a bunch. I did not build 10 pedals this week. Anyway, this polar cap rules. It's...
  7. Mentaltossflycoon


    The sub synth I made a while ago and forgot about it. I got distracted with similar parasit sounds. I don't usually label things with their brand name but I knew it wasn't going to be sold as I'll be gifting this one to a friend. It's probably for the best that he knows what it is. The glitch...
  8. Mentaltossflycoon

    Damaged tranny

    I have an ac128 with one leg that feels a little loose. I'm considering dabbing epoxy on it to stabilize. Is this a dumb move?
  9. Mentaltossflycoon


    I'd sport a ppcb tshirt on stage if they existed/came in tall sizes. I'm slightly giant so I likely wouldn't be able to partake so maybe do a beanie for me too.
  10. Mentaltossflycoon

    Noble preamp After seeing some of the tube based projects out there, I was reminded of these. It's the only tube pedal I've ever had the GAS for. Phrases in the copy like "custom wound transformer" give me pause tho....
  11. Mentaltossflycoon

    Cream pie leds

    Hey, I just tested out this cream pie fuzz and it is massive sounding as expected. When I dime the gain only 2 of the 4 leds light up. Is that a sign that something is up or is that just how those function in the circuit? It certainly sounds good.
  12. Mentaltossflycoon

    Frantone Thunderhead

    I enjoy and frequently use a mole/hogsfoot clone but I'm assuming this thing is less ham fisted with the bass boosting and more versatile.
  13. Mentaltossflycoon

    Depot/devi ever mashup and engineers thumb

    Here's an old one and a recent one. There's a spot on my pedal board that's perfect for the trapezoid so I've made a few fuzz combos to swap in and out. This is the first and least bass guitar friendly. In gold is your standard pedalpcb depot project which is a fun one. Nice and raspy, less...
  14. Mentaltossflycoon

    Hylian Fuzz and Muffin Factory

    While troubleshooting a moonn lo Fran circuit, I realized my batch batch of mpsa18 were bad. I then went through my "works but doesn't sound that great" pile. Much improvement after I swapped them out on this little thing. Still doesn't grab me for use on bass but it sounds good now. I mostly...
  15. Mentaltossflycoon

    Tatiana (floop)

    This thing's pretty fun. Deadendfx. I made a simple true bypass feedback looper way back and it was cool but the momentary with attack, decay, and lfo makes this not only interesting and useful, but also quite musical. My first go at metal punches on the fairfield style aesthetic. I...
  16. Mentaltossflycoon


    A little tribute to my Chicago family. Who needs pickles when you have hot giardinera? Actually pickles are delicious, I take it back. Mustard knobs seemed the way to go.
  17. Mentaltossflycoon

    Randy's Revenge

    I'm really into the calamity, low tide and chopshop projects so now I'm seeking revenge. Also an interest in all the ring mods but those canucks make some fine circuits.
  18. Mentaltossflycoon

    Prunes and Custard

    I made the fuzzdog version and it's become an absolute staple for me. Useable strangeness.
  19. Mentaltossflycoon

    EHX bass microsynth

    I'm pretty sure I'm dreaming but I certainly wish I could put one of these together myself, sliders and all. One of the many pieces I kick myself for selling years ago.
  20. Mentaltossflycoon


    I've built many but never shared here. This one seemed to be approaching worthiness. Hydra and viib, Hydra got an extra speed knob (2 knob job pcb, 3pdt switch) for the fun times. I've had a carbon copy and a behringer vibrato on my board a long time. This thing is a happy upgrade. I do use both...