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  1. Cucurbitam0schata

    Ranger Mind Blown…

    Pop a few more yellow dots on that sucker, and I'd call it done. ;) Seriously - now you got me thinking about building one of these!
  2. Cucurbitam0schata

    6 yr old’s first build

    Buncha big 'ol sweetie pies here, love it.
  3. Cucurbitam0schata

    Tell me something I don't know

    I work in ag and food processing, so I'm all about food/farm fun facts. I just learned this today: Xanthan gum is made by fermenting sugar with a bacteria: Xanthomonas campestris. Any gardeners or farmers in the house probably know what that is: Black rot! It's one of the worst bacteria strains...
  4. Cucurbitam0schata

    Guitar room walkthrough,

    I got some spare room in a few of my barns. Feel free to ship me ~20 or so, and I'll keep a careful eye on 'em. Free of charge, friend.
  5. Cucurbitam0schata

    Yet another Magnetron

    I love my magnetron! Might Will have to build a new one with this popular feature. ...perhaps this mod could be a permanent feature on a new revision from @PedalPCB ? Just saying...:sneaky:
  6. Cucurbitam0schata

    Repo Fuzz

    Amateur hour question for you, @Chuck D. Bones - I struggle with me LEDs. Do you rig those LEDs up like that yourself, or do you buy them wired in advance, like these from LMS?
  7. Cucurbitam0schata

    Send Help!

    YES This guy's amazing! Love his vids, he's super talented and a great teacher. What I appreciate is there are zero frills on his editing, but his explanations and ramblings are gold. Here's a fun one from August that I enjoyed: lots of amusing asides, an alternative tuning technique (by 5ths)...
  8. Cucurbitam0schata

    Comparing the Hydra to the Booner

    You can visit me here in Wisconsin, to hear that genuine 60hz hum from my gear on this side 'o the pond. ;)
  9. Cucurbitam0schata

    Comparing the Hydra to the Booner

    @JamieJ - i'm used to the 'ol 60hz on all my equipment (and fridge, and dehumidifier, and fluorescent lights, etc), so at first I was thinking something's off on my end while watching your vid. You got that 50hz sound! :ROFLMAO:
  10. Cucurbitam0schata

    New Affordable UA interfaces

    If you already have a DAW that you like, these units seem pretty great. Looks like UA's new Volt interfaces do not come with Luna. My band splurged for an Apollo unit a couple years ago, and the Apollo's come with UA's Luna recording software. Since we didn't have any recording software that we...
  11. Cucurbitam0schata

    Parallel Pedal (Cataclysm // Spirit Box) Wiring Question

    Ha! I recommend asking dumb questions. Likely, there's another one of us who's thinking the same thing. Noobs, unite! Make some nooooooooooooiiiiiiise!
  12. Cucurbitam0schata

    Parallel Pedal (Cataclysm // Spirit Box) Wiring Question

    I'm working on a multi-pedal box, too, and my head's turned around a bit. Is it standard for these extra pads to always be extra ground pads? Should they all connected to jack sleeves (grounds)? Does it matter which one's are connected to which? @jnfpbenjamin - good luck on that super box...
  13. Cucurbitam0schata

    Ermagherd! Fuzz

    "I read a lot of comics books because I'm not a real adult." A lot of adults forget how to have fun. You're living the dream, don't let anyone say otherwise, comrade. Another great demo vid, a service to the community. Rock and roll!
  14. Cucurbitam0schata

    Talk about GAS....

    🤖 💨
  15. Cucurbitam0schata

    VU Meter with Peak Detection

    gorgeous work, there!
  16. Cucurbitam0schata

    Laughable Lyrics

    @Feral Feline, ticks were really bad here in Wisconsin in May/June. Brad Paisley's "Ticks" definitely came to mind on all our camping trips earlier this year. On another note, Beck's "Debra" will always make me chuckle.
  17. Cucurbitam0schata

    Accurate pedalboard

    hey @PedalPCB , please add "Danny Devi-Tone" to the wishlist. Just spitballing here, but MKII could simply be "Danni Devo-Tone"...
  18. Cucurbitam0schata

    Pythagoras L78L33 Temperature

    Did you end up cooking the L78L33? Turns out I just did the same thing with my Leprechaun / Rainbow Machine. Thought I'd poke around the forum before I start poking around on my build. Thanks!
  19. Cucurbitam0schata

    It's Friday, you can thank me later!

    A timely ZZ Top tribute, on the same theme of @droneshotfpv 's vid. Both are top contenders for this category, as far as I'm concerned. Always take your passion to the stage!
  20. Cucurbitam0schata

    When your hobbie is to assemble pedals but you live in europe

    My stucked stories have been self-afflicted. I recently ordered CD4024s, instead of CD4049s. Double check your lists, and buying in bulk has been the biggest helper for me. Hang in there on waiting, comrade!