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  1. BuddytheReow

    Tayda Hand Tools

    I bought these on my last Tayda run. Gotta say for $0.60 they’re pretty good. Anybody else have any Tayda tools they’d recommend?
  2. BuddytheReow

    BJT, Mosfet, JFET, etc - Can Someone Explain the Datasheets for Pedal Building?

    I've got a transistor tester coming in the mail in a few days. Can someone explain to me or at least point me in the right direction what to look for when testing? On top of that can someone give me a breakdown of what I should be looking for in the various datasheets and why those are important...
  3. BuddytheReow

    Randall RRed vs Pre Amp From Hell

    Hey all, Going to build a Randall RRed soon, but first I want to compare it to a separate stripboard layout called the Preamp From Hell This layout calls for 2n5484s and I think they’re...
  4. BuddytheReow

    Wanted - Rare Mojo Parts - Will Trade

    Not really an "issue", but more of a wish list kind of item. Now that Small Bear is starting they're phase out process I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to start a new channel on the forum here in a Want Ad style. I know I would love to swap transistors and other harder to find parts at...
  5. BuddytheReow

    Looking for a transistor tester

    Finally got my small bear order in and need to measure pinout, hre , and leakage. I've got npn and pnp for both silicon and geraniums. Is there a cheapo one from Amazon you guys can recommend? Thanks
  6. BuddytheReow

    TUTORIAL Jordan Bosstone - Executive Fuzz and Ermahgerd!

    The Jordan Bosstone was released back in the 1960's and still makes its presence known today in the DIY community although some of the components have been updated to today's standards. It is a relatively simple circuit consisting of 2 transistors, 3 diodes (1 for polarity protection), 6...
  7. BuddytheReow

    Clank Fuzz - Devi Ever Hyperion 2

    This was one of my first stripboard builds that I loved from the moment I strummed my first power chord. The issue I had was I built the stripboard almost 9 months ago and it's been sitting on a shelf/box ever since. I had so many stripboard only builds at one point (a few dozen or so) that I...
  8. BuddytheReow

    Germanium Transistor Lot

    Where's a good place to get a mixed bag of germanium transistors, both NPN and PNP for a relatively good price? I'm looking on ebay, but not sure if this is reliable (thinking J201s here) or if I should bite the bullet and randomly pick from Small Bear before they go. Any help would be greatly...
  9. BuddytheReow

    Big Muff recommendations

    Hey guys, Finally getting around to building a big muff and it’s variants. Just ordered the pcb and should be here soon. Anyone got any recommendations which one I should build? I’ve been reading in various threads that some gravitate towards the Violet version. Which one is that on the build...
  10. BuddytheReow

    TUTORIAL All About Diodes - A Gathering of Various Resources Out There

    Hey All, I wanted to do a write up about diodes: theory behind them, what they do, different types, how they interact with circuits, clipping types, voltage drops, etc. In doing some final research I realized there is a TON of info out there specifically related to guitar pedals. Rather than...
  11. BuddytheReow

    Anyone Got Jack Orman's CD? Does anyone have this or know somebody that has this? I don't mind dishing out the $20 or so. I'm just more curious if it's worth it versus going through his whole site. I'm sure there's extra projects on there but how many more?
  12. BuddytheReow

    Stripboard to Schematic to Breadboard. Good/Bad?

    There are a TON of stripboard/veroboard layouts out there for PedalPCB and non-PedalPCB circuits. I am wondering what all you guys think about finding a stripboard layout out there, converting it to a schematic (a great skill I still need to hone), and then transferring that to a breadboard. I...
  13. BuddytheReow

    TUTORIAL Just Got Your Breadboard/Protoboard? Start Here! LPB1 + Some Dirty Mods!

    Just got your breadboard or protoboard in the mail and don't know where to begin? The Test Kitchen's got your back! Let's start with a classic and simple circuit: the LPB-1. This is a simple booster and a basic building block for many circuits out there. Here is a schematic taken from Coda...
  14. BuddytheReow

    Are You Baking Yet?

    PedalPCB has opened up “The Test Kitchen” which entails breadboarding, circuit designs and analysis, and non-pcb items. This was nearly a month ago. How many of you have started breadboarding, been curious to start, waiting for your protoboards to come in the mail, or merely putting your...
  15. BuddytheReow

    Is my breadboard dying?

    Got a breadboard from Tayda almost a month ago and I’ve been using it, well, let’s say about 5 days a week. Today I’m in the process of putting together a bit larger than normal circuit and testing it in phases to make sure each block works The booster section is hooked up but little sound is...
  16. BuddytheReow

    Awful Waffle Schematic

    Looking at the Awful Waffle schematic, what is P1 and P2? Do they go to the presence knob?
  17. BuddytheReow

    HELP! Gyrator EQ - Promethium Distortion

    Hey guys. I need your help. I'm currently fooling around with the EQ section from the Promethium Distortion (HM-2) on my breadboard and I can't seem to get it to work. I put together a Dist + on the first breadboard on the left. You can ignore that piece. It works fine. The middle breadboard is...
  18. BuddytheReow

    TUTORIAL Which Switch is Which? - Switches Explained

    This is the Test Kitchen, so let's talk about switches! In the pedal building world we really only come across 4 different kinds of switches: toggle, rotary, push button (stomp usually), and DIP. The different kinds of switches merely indicate how you 'activate' the switch. I'll explain the...
  19. BuddytheReow

    Where Can I Find Some Good Schematics?

    Hey All, Besides EVERY build doc on this site and other PCB oriented sites, where can I find a good depository of schematics? Specifically more original ones, but pedal clones are cool too. Runoffgroove is pretty good and you’ve got to dig through diystompboxes to find a decent one. Thanks!
  20. BuddytheReow

    TUTORIAL PedalBlock Tone Control - Gimme All The Muffs!

    This is a stupid simple build and IMO one of the most efficient mods given the number of parts this takes. This mod can be done on countless circuits, especially one-knob fuzz pedals. Some of my more recent posts have been talking about tone filters/controls. Here's an extract from one of them...