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    CONTEST TC1 - Oh my TVC15

  2. K Pedals

    Twin face

    Yep just 0 ohm
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    Guilty pleasure music - GO!

    I saw him open for Bob Dylan and it was an awesome show…
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    Thoughts on Tayda IC's?

    Yeah I’ve bought tons of ICs from em and I haven’t had a bad one yet…
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    International shipping - oh dear...

    I had the same thing happen with FedEx… I had to go to a random persons house and ask for my package… lol
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    SOLVED Germanium Diode directionality?

    Hey.. Yeah it’s directional.. The black stripes should mark the cathode (negative) side… If you have a multimeter you can test and see which side is which… But on all didoes I’ve seen, except Russian ones, the stipe(s) mark the cathode…
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    Dear fig,

  8. K Pedals

    That moment when…….

    Yeah last night I was soldering and realized I need one 10r 1/2w resistor to finish my memory man!!!
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    Tayda Brand Pots

    Yeah I have too… Stocked up on them… Just now running out…
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    Tayda Brand Pots

    Has anyone seen these?? I just got them for the first time and they seem to be good quality and the dust cap seem like it sets a little lower… And the dual ones are enclosed now…
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    Moving Forward (or How I Learned to Stop Searching and Finish the Pedalboard)

    Man I’d vote 3 burns buzzaround… but I’d mod it to be a dizzy tone… If you have a plexi type amp it’s one of my favorite sounds ever with a les paul… 🤷🏻‍♂️ Just my 2 cents…
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    Dear fig,

    Dear Fig It’s not a habit it’s cool… I feel alive… Signed Noise Maker
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    CONTEST $100 Small Bear Gift card

    Knobs transistors and didoes…
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    Random pix

    Is that it on the left side in the middle?¿
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    Random pix

    Back when knobs were knobs… Lol
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    Paragon Mini

    Or trimpots could be cool…
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    SOLVED Duck Box Help!!

    These aren’t touching are they? It looks like the bottom middle lug is touching the other two on the bottom??
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    let's see your pedalboard!

    Man there’s some amazing boards on here!!! I never really like pedal boards… I always have too many pedals and like different orders since I love experiementing… But I did finally make a board for a project I’ve got going… Still working on an all pedalpcb board…
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    Short Solos— Keeping it Concise!

    I don’t know why but I always liked this solo Starts at 2:06