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  1. K Pedals

    Tayda Brand Pots

    Has anyone seen these?? I just got them for the first time and they seem to be good quality and the dust cap seem like it sets a little lower… And the dual ones are enclosed now…
  2. K Pedals

    Jhs Twin Twelve

    Had this one on the old wishlist…
  3. K Pedals

    Kingsley Page

    Really anything by them would be awesome!!! But do they all have tubes in them?¿
  4. K Pedals

    Low Tide

    Just finished this one!!! Huge shoutout @Kroars for helping me out with some V3207D’s to build a few of these!!! Gonna A/B with my shallow water but I’m really loving what I’m hearing so far!!!
  5. K Pedals

    Low Tide

    Wondering if anyone has a spare V3207 to sell or trade ?¿
  6. K Pedals

    Antithesis Fuzz

    This thing sounds killer
  7. K Pedals

    Dark Esbat Boost

    Just got done with this one...
  8. K Pedals

    Caesar Chorus

    This is a really good build... The speed doesn’t get too fast but it’s an awesome build...
  9. K Pedals


    First pour I’ve done in awhile
  10. K Pedals

    6 Band Eq

    Got this done... Wasn’t as hard as thought It’d be...
  11. K Pedals


    Custom build for a guy on reverb
  12. K Pedals

    Fat General

    Trying to use this cricut for labeling
  13. K Pedals

    Oxide Distortion

    Just got done with this one...
  14. K Pedals

    Fuzz Foundry Deluxe

    Got this done last night...
  15. K Pedals

    Conqueror Supreme

    This is my new PedalPCB favorite!!! Sounds awesome!!!
  16. K Pedals

    Quarantine Fuzz

    Just got done.!.!!
  17. K Pedals


    I love this pedal!!!
  18. K Pedals

    Selmer Buzz Tone

  19. K Pedals

    Deflector Reverb

    Haven’t spent much time with it yet but it’s at least as good if not better than my afterneath...
  20. K Pedals

    Two Sticks of Derm Fuzz

    Love this ridiculously big knob... lol