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    Spirit Box build

    I just made the R4 18K mod and I'm happy with the results.
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    Anybody from Canada order with DHL yet?

    It is a Canadian plus Courier thing. We are getting dinged for GST/PST/HST plus the courier fee for the privilege of collecting those taxes. Tayda is offering shipping thru registered mail now (I assume they offered this pre COVID, but I only started ordering from them this summer). It'll take...
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    What’s on deck for you?

    Looking forward to finishing a Caesar Chorus, it would already be completed if I hadn't failed to include some 8n2 caps in my last parts order. I'm ready to do the final assembly of a Spirit Box and hope to start a Paragon soon. Plus I have another 5-6 builds that are 99% done that were waiting...
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    Paragon Build

    Thanks for providing the wiring diagram. Going to be helpful when I get around to building Paragon.
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    Tayda down for anyone else?

    First time DHL dinged me I was caught by surprise. Electronics parts are duty free, so I wasn't expecting any additional charges. However, they are charging GST & PST. Not sure why they ding us for taxes but Canada Post doesn't. Plus DHL charges something like $15 for the privilege of...
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    FV-1 Dev Board - Not getting audio from the FV-1 Chip

    Not really sure what is going on here so I took a couple shots in the dark (definitely not my preferred approach to troubleshooting). I swapped out the crystal on the unlikely event a timing issue was preventing the FV-1 from reading the eeprom. No luck. So I swapped out the eeprom socket...
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    FV-1 Dev Board - Not getting audio from the FV-1 Chip

    Did not think to check that. No shorts to ground or 3.3v or between pins 5 & 6. Strange. Could the CH341 chip be interfering? I wouldn't think so as it's not doing anything. I did use 22p caps for C9 and C13 as I didn't have any 20p on hand.
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    FV-1 Dev Board - Not getting audio from the FV-1 Chip

    Thanks. With pin 13 connected ground, I'm getting audio from the FV-1 and audio goes thru the pedal as expected. So that suggests there is an issue with reading the eeprom. I confirmed continuity between FV-1 pin 14 and eeprom socket pin 6 and between FV-1 pin 15 and eeprom socket pin 5...
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    FV-1 Dev Board - Not getting audio from the FV-1 Chip

    Tested my completed FV-1 Dev Board for the first time and I'm not getting any effect on the audio. The dry sound is passing thru fine. Mix knob turned full left I get full dry signal, when turned full right I get nothing. I've tried it with the Spatialist and Module8 eeproms, no luck with...
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    Warning - Don't hotswap your Daisy Seed

    As a general rule, I prefer to socket ICs and Microcontrollers. So in this situation I would solder female headers to the Terrarium and male headers to the Daisy. It'll make it easy to swap out the Daisy if needed. In addition, it looks like the Daisy is supposed to be mounted on the same side...
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    International Shipping Delays

    Hi! Happy to find this place as I get back into making pedals.
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    International Shipping Delays

    Similar for Victoria, Canada: shipped Aug 10, received Sep 3