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    A bunch of new builds from this weekend

    So I was able to finish up a bunch of pedals this weekend. Of the 8 PCBs I ordered a while back I’ve only got two more to box up! First up is the engineers thumb, this is going to replace my MXR bass compressor. Then I did the Timmy, I’m honestly not crazy for the sound of the drive on this...
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    Big Muff Man OH YA

    I used the op amp style graphics, but the green russian specs for the guts. Also I really like the look of these LED bezels…But I don’t heatshrink my LED leads and it’s dangerously close to touching. Going back to plastic next pedal. Turns out I also didn’t have as many sockets left as I thought...
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    Ned Flangers

    Hi-diddily-ho neighbour-inos! I finally was able to box up my flanger! It is an electric mistriss clone from madbean pedals. This one has been sitting on the shelf for a while now. I just couldn’t find jacks that would fit. Finally got some low profile ones that just barely squeeze in there...
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    Sherri and Terri bypass looper

    If I had to do it all again, I’d probably skip the PCB and just have a rats nest, as this was super tricky to install. But I needed to add some boards to justify another PedalPCB order, this was new, and I needed one. But even when following the build instructions on the forums, it was just real...
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    DOD FX32 Meatbox

    I have the reissue, and these things are nuts. The reissues seem to be shooting up in price and in short supply these days(thanks Juan Alderete!). I’ve found a diagram and BOM Online, as well as a strip board version. Looks like all easily sourced parts minus the M51134, but small bear has...
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    Madbean Junk Trunk and Gas Tank

    Grabbed a few PCBs from madbean to try out. Good stuff but I still prefer the pedalpcb ones. Just laid out a little better IMO. Regardless, I needed a new filter and fuzz for my bass board, and these two looked really cool. The fuzz is average I’d say. Still prefer my green big muff more, but I...
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    Caesar Chorus(Eleanor)

    Was able to finish this one up thanks to a generous member here on the forum. I’m not really a chorus guy, but this things sounds great! Especially placed after the Delay for that modulated sound. A few more builds and my Simpsons themed board will be complete!
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    Paragon and Seabed Delay

    Finally boxed these guys up tonight. Paragon was a bit tricky since I did the breakout board before leds. But I managed. Live n learn. I used 1n914s and 1n4001s for the clipping diodes. Left them socketed. Also socketed the gain resistors and charge pump so its currently running at standard 9V...
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    Flanger in a 125B

    Would love a small footprint analog flanger. Something along the lines of a BF2. What would be great(but probably impossible) would be the new Polychrome by walrus. But I imagine both those pedals only fit due to smd parts.
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    Removing waterslide decal

    Someone I know, definitely not me ;) mixed up their gain and level labels and didn’t realize it until after applying the waterslide, clear coat and boxing the pedal. I can remove the pedal from the enclosure no problem. But is it possible to remove the water slide from the enclosure after clear...
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    Captain Bit and Spirit Echo

    Both really fun builds. I’ve had the PCBs done for a while, but had to wait for B5k pots to restock at tayda. Well worth the wait! First reverb build, and first “whatever the hell a bit commander is” build for me. and don’t worry I straightend out those jacks on the reverb. Just had to snap a...
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    V3207 chip

    I know there is a chip shortage right now. But if anyone knows where I could get one, or had an extra to sell, let me know!
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    SOLVED Woodpecker - no chop. Depth knob acts as reverse volume

    So my woodpecker build has been my first non functioning pedal. I get a signal in bypass mode, and when effect is engaged. But it’s just a dry signal. Level knob works as intended, depth knob is a volume knob but in reverse, and the switch and rate have no effect. After some digging...
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    “Gentle Ben” Benson preamp

    This one is a gift for my buddies birthday coming up. He’s loved the Simpsons pedals I’ve ben doing and I know he’s been eyeing a Benson preamp lately. Hopefully he digs it as much as I do!
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    Watch out! Deluxe Radioactive Man! + Mini Klon!

    Here are my Simpsons themed Dark Rift Delay and Kliche Mini! Both super fun builds. But the dark rift is out of this world. Still can’t beleive I built a pedal that sounds this cool. I know the dark rift is a space spirals clone and not a DMM clone. But I dig the artwork...
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    Sunspur biasing question

    So I’m looking into building this pedal as I can easily get the BC108’s from tayda. Looking over the diagram, it has an external and internal b5k bias pot. In the diagram they are run in series. I know some sunfaces have the external bias knob and some have an internal trimpot instead but didn’t...
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    King of Fat Tony

    Paragon mini build. Really tight and tough build but came out great and sounds amazing!
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    Boss OC2 build

    Well this was the first pedal I built that wasn’t from a kit, and my 3rd overall. Really loving these pedalpcb boards. I have about 9 others ready to complete now but being a bass player I wanted this one first. Definitely the most crowded board I’ve done but works first try and sounds like a...