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    Post your guitar that's been in a case too long

    A lot of us have em- guitars that sit in cases and don't get played whether we're trying to protect them, they've been deemed too nice for regular play, etc. Go pull that case out, snap a pic and post it here. I last saw this guitar on December 31st, 2019 and just reopened the case last month...
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    Demedash T120 v2 Deluxe

    Since that thread came up again, it reminded me of this pedal. Even getting to the bottom of what mods make a magnetron into a T120 would be interesting
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    The Matter of Tone: Legend of the Pendragon Overdrive

    Here's my paragon build. Same story as usual. I populated this months ago and was just waiting to get wired up. This one gave me a royal headache as only channel 2 worked initially. I checked all the socketed bits and certified my status as a socket hater, checked component values and tore my...
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    Anybody ever built a talkbox?

    I was reading about how to do it the other day. Any of y'all ever made one?
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    Bass Preamp- Effects Layouts Sunndering

    What do we hate? OFFBOARD WIRING!! what did we do?? OFFBOARD WIRING!! This is a Sunn S200 preamp with a DI out and a switchable buffer with a board from Effects Layouts. I went off grid again with the control layout cuz I wanted to make it look like this Sunn Solarus. This is another...
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    Treble trouble? Bass blues? Mids massacre? EQ choices

    A couple things got me wondering- @thewintersoldier build thread for his ODR-1 and talking about how great the bass cut is, @Big Monk saying he's starting out with the treble trimmers all the way down on his paragon mini, the ubiquitous advice to snip the bright caps out of certain amps, seeing...
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    Small Bear shutting down

    Just saw this on their Instagram. Steve is gonna retire
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    Amp footswitch

    I built this amp footswitch for my friend's gretsch amp that I posted recently that had a problem with the tremolo pot. Nothing fancy, but I don't get to post a lot of build reports these days. I think tayda ball silver is becoming my favorite enclosure finish
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    UPS hit me with a brokerage fee from Tayda

    I made a tayda order recently and was feeling impatient so I coughed up for UPS. UPS just sent me a bill for $6 and change for brokerage fees. I won't make that mistake again
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    CosmoTone- Aion Astra

    I actually built this back in April before my daughter was born, but it had been sitting in my troubleshooting box for reasons I can't even remember. At some point, I know I had gone through it and added the transistor sockets for some reason, who knows, but I never got around to play testing it...
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    Why do I do this to myself?

    I haven't built a pedal in 4 months. My backlog is HUGE. I owe people stuff. But did I just buy a couple more boards? You bet your ass I did!
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    Where do you keep your pedals?

    In the spirit of show us your... threads, let's see where you keep your pedals. I use the flat boxes (below the diaper box) for WIP stuff. This is my pile of "not on my board" pedals
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    Forum login vs store login

    Somehow these are separate. Do they have to be that way? I want to use the wishlist in the store but my phone can't seem to differentiate saving the two passwords for the separate logins and I also have no flipping idea what my store login (or any login for that matter) is
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    Pedals built out of love (spouse, partner, significant other, kids, family etc.)

    Third pedal I ever built- green russian big muff from general guitar gadgets. She was using one of my hm2s for bass in our band at the time. She greatly preferred the green russian big muff. The enclosure is krylon jungle green ( something graffiti artists pay really big bucks for). This thing...
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    Mechanical fix for a switched potentiometer?

    My guitar teacher has this vintage gretsch 6152. The tremolo speed control is a switched potentiometer where it clicks off the tremolo circuit when you turn the knob all the way counter clockwise (like the on/ off of a tweed champ?). At some point, the shaft came loose and slipped down inside...
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    Favorite summer squash recipe?

    What's your favorite way to prepare summer squash? I'm usually not a fan and I never grow them unless it's patty pans, but we ended up with some yellow and green squash nonetheless. Hit me with your favorite summer squash recipe
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    New guitar day

    This is my first new guitar in several years. It's a Harley Benton RB-612CS 12 string. I'm likely never going to shell out $4-7000 or so for a Rickenbacker so I thought I'd give this guitar a chance. I suffer from having premium taste but not a premium budget. I wasn't sure what to expect with...
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    Dumb question- dual effects loop switch

    What does it What are some applications of this pedal?
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    Bohemia- RM30

    This one is my favorite of the catalinbread foundation pedals. I've long suspected that a vox amp is probably my perfect amp but don't yet have one. This is the first time i used a pre-drilled tayda enclosure. drilling is easily my least favorite part of the process. I did have to enlarge the...
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    Portafuzz- b side fuzz

    I assembled this maybe last June and only just boxed it. I redid the decal twice cuz i kept goofing it. It sounds good and is useful. I'm a big fan of that tascam distortion! I can't decide if i like the blue knobs or the white. What do y'all think?