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    When the hobby spills into real life...

    Those smart valves are the dumbest thing out there. Constant failures. And pricey as hell. And since the ignition circuit board and gas valve are one part, the whole damn things gotta be ordered and replaced. Not to mention the ignitor and flame sensor are unique to them as well, so better...
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    Winter Soldier Green Russian Muff

    My favourite fuzz! Nailed it!
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    Bass Big Muff Pi

    Build the Green Russian version listed in the build docs. It is what the bass big muff was inspired by, and frankly, sounds a lot better on bass IMO.
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    Paragon mini in BB enclosures

    I love this! I actually preferred the paragon mini layout over the regular paragon. But hated the double footswitch in a 125B(Im a size 13 shoe) so you really nailed the best of both worlds
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    This is why I don't trace circuits from photos

    Those would both be killer. My local shop doesn’t carry walrus so I haven’t tried out an Eras yet.
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    finding FV-1 chip?

    I was able to snag 2. Mailing list is a life saver.
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    Shipping to Canada

    it will do that. Don’t trust the tracking either. I’ve had some say my package was shipped back and forth across the border a few times for no reason. Just have to sit tight, it will get there!
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    BBE Sonic Maximizer vs 10 Band EQ?

    Ya the “maximizer” was basically scooped mids with a bass n treble boost for nu metal of the early 2000’s. Bit of snake oil if you ask me. However some people love them so to each his own.
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    Dear fig,

    Dear Fig I wrote you but still ain't callin' I left my cell, my pager, and my home phone at the bottom I sent two letters back in autumn, you must not-a got 'em There probably was a problem at the post office or somethin' Sometimes I scribble addresses too sloppy when I jot 'em But anyways...
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    Paragon Mini

    Nice. Thats what I’ve used on all 3 of mine. They sound great!
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    Paragon Mini

    What diodes did you end up using? You’ll love the kliche mini. Kliche into paragon is probably my favorite stacked drives.
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    CONTEST $100 Small Bear Gift card

    I’d buy the rest of the M51134's and build an Army of Meatboxes MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!
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    Small Bear shutting down

    One of the most reliable sources that’s for sure. Well tike to stock up.
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    Strymon phaser , what do you think?

    Strymon stuff is really cool. And it’s great you can midi the mini pedals. But at that price point I think I’d take a Line6 HX over a bunch of Strymon pedals.
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    Cosmic Rift Deluxe Flanger

    Really cool. Good work man!
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    RIP Norm Macdonald

    Been a fan since SNL in the 90’s. Got to see him do stand up in Detroit about 10 years back. He will be missed
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    About air conditioning control in cars

    I’m doing a whack load of CO2 to R134a conversions right now. I work for a popular red cola company and we bought over ten thousand co2 coolers from a manufacturer, well turns out most had faulty process line crimps and the compressors are no longer available. So instead of scrapping them when...
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    About air conditioning control in cars

    Any of you guys work on R744 or R290?