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    Made this for a friend but it's really blown me away. I haven't checked my Q1 voltage yet but I get super saggy blown out Neil Young stuff with the bass up and juiced out. Might have to make another one for myself. Well done, Chuck (also I need better labeling methods)
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    Fuzzhugger modified Algal Bloom

    I've been a huge FH fan for awhile now and just stumbled on this newish demo: Some of the tones in here are so beautiful. I definitely hear stuff that my standard AB can't do. I'd grab one of these right now but it seems the preorders all sold out He's also selling this pedal now which...
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    G&L guitar wiring

    I'm not sure if this is standard G&L wiring or specific to the Doheny, but this one's tone knobs are bass cut and treble cut, instead of simply one treble cut knob. Does anyone know a schematic or way to do this in a strat? It seems like such a useful...
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    Stratocaster tone caps

    What's your guys choice of tone cap (value and brand/type) in a strat? Looking to do some work on my currently stock American strat. I think I will do the blender mod as well as I've done it before and enjoyed it I was thinking orange drop and maybe 0.022 uF? I tend to like things on the...
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    Bellum Fuzz Mk 1 schematic

    The schematic is a bit hard to read in the build doc, is there any way we can get a clearer image? Thanks
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    Mercurial Boost mod

    Is there a way to increase the top end of the frequency range? The description lists 1.4kHz as the top end, wondering if I could get it higher Thanks
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    SOLVED Aion FX LED orientation

    Can anyone point me to documentation on how Aion wants the LED? I completed a build just now that is working perfectly except the LED does not illuminate. I put the cathode into the square pad and also thought my orientation agreed with the silkscreen I can probably figure out how to reverse it...
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    Effects Layouts Paladin

    I built this painful build and got it working well except the bass control does not seem to do anything until I reach about 4 o clock, where turning it all the way CW introduces a big bass cut Anyone have any idea on what could be the cause of this? I confess I had to take this in and out of...
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    Viceroy question

    I'm getting ready to build one of these. My question is, would I benefit from socketing any R's to try and bias the jfets? R6 is the only one that seems applicable to me
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    FYI: Tayda now sells taller 1590BB enclosures

    Haven't seen this mentioned yet: Just the bare enclosure for now it seems. Custom drill service also applicable to this (even though there is no item to pick, the option exists in the drill service site for 1590BB2)
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    Coaxial Cable I/O

    I've seen some threads about this but I don't have a clear image in my mind of how this goes. Is my picture below correct (blue is the shield, red is core)? Do I need both ground connections 1&2 or does that create a ground loop? I'd like to start doing this on fuzz builds. Thanks
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    Cataclysm Delay

    I have an EQD Disaster Transport Jr whose time is coming to an end so I decided to replace it. Great delay just like the original
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    The Creamery

    Wow, this one I really like. I have the Warden Boneyard Edition which is nice but this is much less subtle. This one is going into my setup as always on. Would recommend. I didn't get the W100K pots I just used B100K with the thought of trying to stay within the middle of the rotation
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    Elk / Super Fuzz Sustainar (Big Muff)

    I want to discuss this pedal. The Kit Rae site says this is basically a triangle with the HP tone cap changed from 4nF to 330 pF When I've tried this (I had a Ram's Head to socket this in but still), it sounded absolutely...
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    5 knob Rat

    LM301 chip, so far I have a 100 pF socketed in for the compensating cap, does anyone know what value would match the original for this chip? Haven't been able to test others yet The lube mods (1K pots) are so far kind of subtle to me, but I need more time with this
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    2SK117 substitute?

    Is there a decent one? Small Bear has 2SK118's, it's just one better, right? Trying not to get into SMD at this point
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    Super Big Muff

    Combination of Civil War and Ram's Head values, with pots to control R17 and R18 (LP and HP filter cutoff points). Big germanium diode for mojo
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    thicc leads

    Here's a potentially dumb question. I got some germanium diodes that have super thick leads and won't fit into sockets. I was planning on just filing them down to thinner legs, any better solutions?
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    Pots as variable resistors

    Is it really as simple as wiring up the center lug and one of the outer lugs to the resistor pads?
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    Irrlicht Overdrive - EQD White Light

    Here is actually my favorite pedal. This thing is super slept on IMO. Rose gold knobs from LMS and 1N270 diodes from Small Bear. This will live at the end of my chain until I die or make another one