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    Aion Quadratron (Lovetone Doppelganger) LFO Issue

    Don't have much to offer, but the build doc says this is a potential problem: Have you checked against DeadEndFX's build doc? I'm in the process of building their version, but don't have it done to offer comparison yet.
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    DeadEndFX Printing Templates

    If anyone's built any DeadEndFX builds, y'all've seen the printing template is really just the PCB with (most of) the drilling placements, but does not match any external dimensions of enclosures. Also there are no placements for power or jacks- and there are often many. Nor are there footswitch...
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    Fairfield Circuitry The Accountant

    Hopping on the hype train for this as well
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    Walrus lillian and deep six

    First the Deep Fake Low Tide, now this? Where will the madness end?
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    Low Tide - hiss

    I have 3 I'm building side by side, exact parts. Waiting on the 3207s to show up, but can share notes when they're done in 1-2 weeks, figure that'd be a fair comparison to see what is or isn't simply part of the circuit's sound.
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    Moog MF Drive

    Oh please let this happen
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    Stupid Pedal Tricks - episode 1

    Thought it looked familiar...
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    Describe your playing style...

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    A few websites and youtubers that deal with electronics

    ElectroBoom is always gold
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    Cornish TES

    Heckuva charge pump to get 230v
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    What is the splattiest fuzz?

    The Unpleasant Surprise is pretty raunchy
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    Please tell me I didn't install these in the wrong direction

    Also looks like two of your diodes are in the wrong way (D4 & D101). Probably worth a really good check on the rest of your polarized components
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    Spaceman Mission control

    Oh this looks nice
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    I really dig this guy's playing

    He's really got a handle on his playing
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    When goop isn't enough...

    That's one way to cover your mistakes
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    April 1st Mystery Image Speculation Thread

    My money is on the Fairfield Shallow Water