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    The Parentheses at low gain settings

    This Rat is even nicer for lower gain than the Informant is, imo. It's less compressed and has a more open, natural tube type distortion. Couple that with the Boost onboard and you get a really nice lower gain situation that drives an amp and provides plenty of low end thump and grind without...
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    can the Phoenix Ultra Overdrive be an HRM?

    are these two totally different circuits or is the HRM just a voicing mod?
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    Knowing little about vintage transistors, if one would find some of these that are neither red nor white dot and test good, is it to be expected that they will work fine in a fuzz circuit? Provided they could be had for not terrible money, is it worth it to spend a little extra to have them...
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    Do the currently available do well in a Fuzz Face circuit? Tayda has them
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    closest to Earthquaker Devices Gray Channel?

    is it here?
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    Stockade rotary switches

    The design calls for (1) 6 position and (1) 5 position. What's anyone doing to replicate this with available rotary switches. Just spreading out the clicks on the graphic and then letting the unused clicks be vacant?
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    Parentheses V1

    This is the first version board, first run. Being a novice, I had confusion but folks here helped me out. parts of the wiring remain, uh, ratty. There's also a ground issue causing minor hum that stops when I touch my guitar strings or the pedal. The first enclosure I put effort into...
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    Looking for a basic Boss OD-1 PCB to build.

    is it here? What should I build?
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    SOLVED Parentheses V1 early make

    Finally getting to this build and have a couple of issues here. I've read the other posts on this one and I'm still confused. While all sections seem to work, the octave is not really audible and there's a lot of noise in the signal. 1st question that may solve it is...does the misprinted...
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    LED color for Clipping diodes

    Working on a Parentheses V1 but this question could apply across the board. This design calls for a Red diode. I have a clear one. How much will it matter? Is red more or less of something over clear, or blue or green? Or multi colors? I really want to use what I have on hand but I could...
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    BS170G vs BS170 ?

    Any real functional difference in most of these circuits? I accidentally used the G where no G was called for thanks
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    Chase Bliss Wombtone Phaser

    I have no idea if this whole thing is analog or if it's possible to do but it sounds amazing. Maybe without the digital control features, ie, no presets.
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    Informant Filter mods, less highs?

    what can be done to get the high roll-off to happen somewhere about noon? right now I have the filter cranked to the right to get a minimal amount of high roll-off but I find that many amps need it to happen sooner, or to get a bit more roll-off than is available. in short: it's a bright...
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    BC109 availability. BC109c

    Are BC109c by Central Semiconductor the common tranny used for the classic circuits? Thinking about a Colorsound Overdriver. Maybe folks are finding actual vintage trannies but they may be old and picked through or un-matched, I have read. Certainly a fuzz I built a long time ago using OC76...
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    SOLVED Special Overdrive question.

    I've built a fuzzdog Dumb Lloyd that is very similar. The difference that I can see is the tone pot on the Special is 20k instead of 25 k. My build has a problem with the tone pot in that it's muffled until about 8.5 then it's sweet around 8.5 to 9.5 then it's shrill t 10. Tight sweet spot...
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    Diaz Tremodillo

    Really good sounding trem at ridiculous prices. The cool thing about it is the speed up footswitch. They say Joyo makes a copy but it's not. The Diaz sounds rich and proper for a trem. much like an in amp trem
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    Informant - no sound

    sadly my Informant build does not work. I need an intro to going through the pedal with a multimeter. Does anyone have a good link that will explain this and teach me how to find my problem? something basic and straight forward for a noob? Thanks
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    330pf instead of 390pf @ C3 in the Informant?

    substituting in the Informant, C3 Of course I didn't order it
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    ic chips don't have notch at either end?

    All my ic's from mouser don't have this notch. How do I know the orientation. is it the faint embossed disk?
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    is one of these pcb's a Duellist clone?

    Sometimes I totally miss the code words used in describibg what the thing is. Am I missing this in the offerings?