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  1. quality_jones

    Going off the SMDeep End

    Guys, I was converting a schematic to a pcb layout yesterday, and I was thinking about how neat/easy it would be to just have everything be SMD. I did have to solder up some mic signal conditioning boards for my grad school research, and while it was tricky at first, I do remember eventually...
  2. quality_jones

    I need a new workbench. Recommendations?

    So, I have been using an Ikea IVAR monstrous combination desk and bookshelf. I would really like a dedicated workbench so I can have my desk separate and work on my laptop stuff there, including (hopefully) music production. You know what I'm looking for: a nice open area to solder, storage...
  3. quality_jones

    Your First Transistor Spice Rack (Input needed)

    While I've been around for a few months, I am constantly surprised about all the transistors that seem to pop up in schematics that I just don't have. A majority of the time this is to be expected, such as when I look up to see what an OC71 is, and what prices they command due to rarity. But...
  4. quality_jones

    SOLVED Twin Face - Si/NPN side, odd Q2 voltage?

    I never thought it would come to this. Posting on the Troubleshooting forum for a Fuzz Face of all things. I guess that's the price you pay when your EE professor never figured out how to explain transistors clearly. Tried to set trimmers before plugging in this Twin Face for an audio test. Q2...
  5. quality_jones

    Da, Comrade, The Soviet Horse Muscle! (Ungula)

    So, when I first tried out the EQD Hoof pedal, which the internet absolutely swears by, I was actually pretty underwhelmed by it. I was much more enamored with the EHX Op Amp Big Muff, which I ended up buying (my first pedal in at least 12 years.) Between then and now (honestly, a span of maybe...
  6. quality_jones

    Walrus Audio Iron Horse

    I've seen a lot of demos of this one and I'd like to try building it. Sounds like a tweak of a RAT that I really dig the sound of, so I'd love to see how they did it.
  7. quality_jones

    DipTrace - Design rules setup help?

    I'll cut to the chase. I want to make my own circuit boards. I want to use DipTrace because it feels slightly easier than KiCAD which is the only other free version I know of. Also it is what our dark lord and master @PedalPCB uses, apparently. I have had multiple recommendations for JLCPCB as...
  8. quality_jones

    Clark Gainster - Breadboard Breakdown

    So, I thought I would talk a bit about my new adventures in breadboarding. I got a few boards in the hopes of picking up a Protoboard once they're available. I'm impatient, so I've started to mess around with schematics that I've just learned about. The first one is The Gainster from Clark...
  9. quality_jones

    Dumb diode question

    I saw the new Waza Craft HM-2 pedal, so I ordered myself a Promethium distortion. Now, the build calls for some 1N4001 diodes (amongst others) but I only have 1N4002's. I looked over the data sheet and see no reason why I can't use the 4002's. Is there anything I'm missing? In fact, is there any...
  10. quality_jones

    Paragon - Modification questions

    Hi all, I'm building a Paragon, and I have to choose between High-gain and Low-gain resistors. Apparently the "red" side of a King of Tone usually gets a high-gain version, and based on the mirroring effect when looking at PCBs, I think that means Channel 1 (i.e. the left side) of the Paragon...
  11. quality_jones

    Ben Drive (Mahayana Drive)

    I mean, there's not a lot to say about this build, except that it was the fastest I've put together a circuit to date. I didn't attempt any modifications, although the Tone and Voice controls seem to be fairly minimal in their effect. They're definitely doing things, just not very much. Then...
  12. quality_jones

    Viceroy SMD JFETs

    So I am looking at my Viceroy board and I am seeing that the spots for the PF5102 JFETs are tied to identical pads to place SMD components. But so far my internet searching suggests there's no SMD version of the PF5102. Is this true? And if so, what should be going there? I really want to try...
  13. quality_jones

    PF5102 - Fake or am I dumb?

    I just attempted to test one of a number of PF5102s that I ordered. Is there any way this makes sense? Because I thought it was supposed to be a JFET.
  14. quality_jones

    El Sol -> The Ecstasy of Gold

    This is a dirt simple circuit and Acapulco Golds aren't in short supply so this was mainly an opportunity to practice different fabrication methods apart from the board soldering. For the graphic design, I took some inspiration from the earlier Acapulco Gold that had the gunslinger graphic. I...
  15. quality_jones

    Let's Talk about the Simple Relay Bypass

    How does this work? From what I can tell, it lets you put a soft footswitch in the place of your typical 3PDT click-monster, and it may also allow for those cool "press and hold" temporary effects. But I have no idea what parts I would need, or what a relay even really does in the electronic...
  16. quality_jones

    EHX Big Muff (Violet Ram's Head) - first stripboard

    So, over the weekend I just made a Big Muff modeled after the Violet Ram's Head schematic. That may not be so noteworthy, but it is my first time using veroboard, which I wouldn't have even heard of if it weren't for this community and in particular @Chuck D. Bones. This was also the first time...
  17. quality_jones

    Vero board beginner tips?

    Hi all... I was wondering if anyone had any tip on beginning using stripboard/vero board for someone who has never used it before. What do you use to cut sections of board to size? What about making breaks in the traces? Personally I just ordered a few of these from Tayda to try my hand at it...
  18. quality_jones

    Transistor ideas

    After a night where I stayed up too late on eBay, I now find myself with two or three Tesla 106NU70 transistors and a boatload of MP-38A transistors. What boards should I put them in? I am open to ideas. I don't know how to test transistors for their specs, or what those specs might even mean...
  19. quality_jones

    Delegate Boneyard - Volume Spike at the beginning

    So I noticed that my Delegate compressor (Boneyard edition) is having a bit of an odd issue - I'm not sure if it's an inherent feature of the circuit or not... When I first switch on the pedal, the initial note has the potential to be VERY loud before the compressor kicks in. I've noticed that...
  20. quality_jones

    War Scythe, minor issues but great fuzz

    So here’s my second pedal build, a War Scythe. For the Tone Bender side I used an MP-38 that I got on eBay from Russia. The Muff uses a pair of transistors that are labelled 2N1308, although they don’t have the Texas Instruments logo that I see on a lot of others. This one would have been...