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    Desoldering SMD Chips

    So, I am wanting to build a deflector when they are back in stock. I have an extra fv-1 that's on a BYOC lil' reverb pcb. how challenging is it to desolder an SMD fv-1?
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    Supro trem

    So I’ve never played the supro tremolo, but it seems that everyone that plays it loves it. What does this pedal have that other trem pedals lack. Trem has always been my favourite modulation effect. But I’m curious about what makes the supro trem great
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    fv-1 sound samples

    I'm looking into doing a few fv-1 based builds. I appreciate that the dmd-2 has a short sound clip, I would love to be able to hear what the other algorithms sound like.
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    organ donor volume drop

    Hi, I built the organ donor and the sound is perfect except for a slight volume drop.
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    FV1 preset footswitch

    Hi, I don't know if this is possible, but I would love to be able to have control of the presets via a footswitch. So if I needed more than one effect in a song I could just bank up to the preset I need. I would probably use it either on the development board or one of the multi-effects...