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    Green Russian/Muffin fuzz - Adding scooped/flat/Boosted switch?

    I'd like to add the switch from the tagboard layout? Im terrible at reading vero builds. Am i correct thinking the switch is wired to tone 3 and the collector of Q3? Thanks!
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    Tips for distorting Seabed's repeats?

    I'd like to have the repeats distorted on the Seabed delay (deep blue delay). I've been told using a pair of anti-parrallel diodes from the repeats pot wiper to ground will distort the signal. Are there any other mods I could try? Cheers
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    Enclosure graphics - heat transfer foil + toner

    I've been playing around with using heat transfer foil on toner. These were my first attempts, ended up using the fox even though it was a little rough. I really liked how the decay label was decaying.. . My recent attempts have worked out very well (not pictured). The foil i used is a rainbow...
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    Low tide - Is there an older version of the build doc?

    Is there an older version of the build doc? The current one isn't lining up with my pcb. Is it possible to get a copy of the build doc that matches my pcb? Im having issues with my build and while i wait for replacement parts im going through and checking parts placement. Ive noticed some...
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    Low tide help?

    Just boxed. Im getting audio when engaged (also when bypassed) but no noticeable effect. Mix and level knob pots are working, the other pots dont really effect the audio. Any tips on where to go from here? I can post voltages if needed. Thanks in advance!
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    Complex Drive - Led question?

    Just finished the build, sounds great but i just want to check if all four 3mm leds (d1, d2, d3 ,d4) light up when playing? Ive attached a picture, the 3mm leds in the green circle light up when playing, but the 3mm leds in the red circle dont light up. I've tried the switch in both positions...