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    What can I run at 18 volts? or should I ask what not to run at 18 volts

    18 volts. This is a grey area for me. I'd like to understand it a little better. I understand not to run pedals at 18 volts if you use 16v caps. If I only use 35v-50v, can I run these pedals at 18 volts? If it has a charge pump, that's a no, no right? If its some sort of fuzz pedal were...
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    Lovepedal (Eternal) Eternity Burst

    I finished an Eternal Burst and found the Level and drive difficult to dial in compared to other pedals. First the Drive Knob seemed maxed out and not do much after about 11 O'clock. So I swapped the standard B500k pot to a A500k pot. That fixed that issue. Second was the Level. Unity was at...
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    18v explained please.

    When can you use 18v on a pedal? Do you require to check or install 18v/25v/35v or above electrolytic capacitors? Also what difference does a charge pump affect when using 18v ? I'm guessing a charge pump converts 9v to 18v, but does that mean 18v converts higher? Thanks in advance.
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    Simulcast OC71 part

    Hi all. Wandering where you purchase your OC71 from? And or are there any great alternatives? My apologies if this has already been answered Thanks