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    SOLVED Sea Horse Rate Not Working

    My Sea Horse's rate isn't working. Just sounds like a glorified delay pedal currently. What's weird, is that if I connect 1 and 2 of the Rate knob, it works intermittently with the LED rate flashing until it goes dim at the halfway point and less. All components check out fine, I've switched...
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    Woodpecker and Sea Machine issues

    Hey all, I have two pedals with two issues. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Woodpecker has a drastic volume drop. Resistors, caps, and pots are correct. PF5102 is replaced by a 2N5458 and 2N5089 is replaced by 2N3565. Any ideas on what may need to be replaced or is out of whack...
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    Woodpecker Low Volume

    Hey all. Just finished up a Woodpecker tremolo and it's really quiet (about half volume). Any ideas on what it could be?