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    SOLVED Dark Rift repeats are pretty short

    I am starting a new thread for this since I resolved the previous issue. The effected sound is pretty clean now, but I am not getting the amount of repeats that I think I should. I get like 3 repeats before they trail off. And I can't get anywhere near self-oscillation. I tried swapping pt2399...
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    SOLVED Dark Rift Feedback creates static

    I just finished my Dark Rift delay. Somehow any turning of the feedback knob beyond 0 causes a ton of hiss/static. I noticed other parts of circuit work (modulation, delay, etc) but are also a bit noisier than I think they should be. here is a clip of what it is doing. any thoughts of where...
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    SOLVED Simple Jfet Buffer

    I was planning on building a dual buffer for my pedal chain using the simple jfet buffer pcb's. When I was checking my first one for testing I noticed a considerable volume drop. I get sound. But it is way lower than just plugging in guitar direct. It did not sound like unity gain. When I took...
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    Electrovibe - taming the high end

    So I finally got my pedal working thanks to the folks on this forum. I didn't know if I should post this in troubleshooting or modifications. I have noticed there is a big jump in high end frequencies when the pedal is engaged. I am not sure if this is related to the resistor mod I did for R4...
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    SOLVED Electrovibe woes

    So I have it kind of working. Lamp lights up and I get effected sound in chorus mode. But I am having these issues: Led's don't light up. I assumed the square pad was for positive (longer legs). I have yet to snip them. So I can always flip them if that is the issue. Vibrato mode is either so...