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    Can a 6.3mm radial cap fit a 5mm spacing with some foreplay?

    Can it fit: yes Will it look sloppy: yes Will any anyone other than you know: no I've done similar things on a few builds. Just try not to have the cap body touching anything else and your golden.
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    DS1 where have you been all my life? Oh yeah in the back of a drawer...

    Picked up one a while back really cheap. I don't mind it. As m&d say it needs an amp that's being pushed. I've also found it is good to stack with another dirt box. I tend to put it further up the signal chain. That's said it's not on my board. There are better pedals out there. I'm planning...
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    Green Russian/Muffin fuzz - Adding scooped/flat/Boosted switch?

    I'd like to add the switch from the tagboard layout? Im terrible at reading vero builds. Am i correct thinking the switch is wired to tone 3 and the collector of Q3? Thanks!
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    Tips for distorting Seabed's repeats?

    I'd like to have the repeats distorted on the Seabed delay (deep blue delay). I've been told using a pair of anti-parrallel diodes from the repeats pot wiper to ground will distort the signal. Are there any other mods I could try? Cheers
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    Australia - Covid delivery times

    Ordered twice recently. 2nd order came before the first for some reason . Both were about 2-3 weeks. I kept an eye on tracking and they were both held up in NSW for most of that time. That was just after Aus post was having staffing difficulties due to covid not sure if that has been resolved.
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    Enclosure graphics - heat transfer foil + toner

    I've been playing around with using heat transfer foil on toner. These were my first attempts, ended up using the fox even though it was a little rough. I really liked how the decay label was decaying.. . My recent attempts have worked out very well (not pictured). The foil i used is a rainbow...
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    Low tide help?

    Ive been trying to dial in the low tide setup most of the afternoon. But im not getting any chorusing. I do notice a chorus effect when moving the depth pot back and forward but once its stopped moving i dont hear any chorus effect. My gate trim pot is low passing the audio and if i set it to...
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    Low tide help?

    Yeah that does seem to be the way. Im now getting a stronger audio signal using that pinout. Im also getting an audio signal with mix on full (on some settings). I dont seem to hearing any chorusing. I think i need to read more on how to set it up. whats a good starting point for all pots and...
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    Low tide help?

    The randomizer turned up today. Ive swapped the j201 legs as per bowanderror's advice: is this the correct pinout? I've also checked all resistor values and they seem to be correct. Im getting audio when engaged (also when bypassed) but no noticeable effect. When mix knob is fully clockwise i...
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    Hydra aka Tape Machine

    Looks great man. It's on my to-do list.
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    Moonshot tremolo operator error troubleshoot help needed

    Without pics my only suggestion is check led orientation. A=anode K=cathode
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    SOLVED Low Tide - No Audible Chorus Effect When Engaged

    Cabintech still has v3207's in-stock. Shipping is reasonable to. Be quick though as there aren't many left
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    SOLVED Low Tide - No Audible Chorus Effect When Engaged

    I've noticed a few users have this issue (as do I) I've been keeping an eye on the forum to see if anyone was able to fix theirs. So far I haven't seen any fixes That said. I see you damaged quite a few of the box caps with you soldering iron, maybe not enough to matter but I'd start by...
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    Low Tide - Almost Working. Help?

    Theres a small discrepancy on the photo on the main page, it looks like r15 was printed twice (though the screen printed values on the boards are correct). Just check you have the correct values here, i cant quite tell by looking at your pics.
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    Low tide - Is there an older version of the build doc?

    Nevermind, i forgot the main page has a pic of the layout im using, thats all i need.
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    Low tide - Is there an older version of the build doc?

    Is there an older version of the build doc? The current one isn't lining up with my pcb. Is it possible to get a copy of the build doc that matches my pcb? Im having issues with my build and while i wait for replacement parts im going through and checking parts placement. Ive noticed some...
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    Low Tide - Almost Working. Help?

    If your using a j201 with an adapter board be sure you have the legs in the right orientation. I've got a similar issue with my low tide and I'm pretty sure this is the problem, unfortunately I fried my randomiser ic debugging. A replacement should turn up next week though. Forum member...
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    Your best method for removing thorugh-hole components from a PCB

    This has been a great upgrade to the standard solder suckers. It has sacrificial/replacable silicon tips. You can suck up the solder while the iron is still touching the part. The silicone tips are very hardy. I'm still on my original tips a yr after buying it...