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  1. burger-patty-and-bacon

    Help a breadboard newbie/clueless guy

    I have never used a breadboard in my life. I built one with a power jack, the io jacks and a mini toggle. I am feeding this with a 9V one spot. For fun, I simply wanted to light up an LED but will eventually use this to test pedals and maybe "design" stuff. I am a total newbie, I know enough...
  2. burger-patty-and-bacon

    ISOSCELES Super Low Output on Fortin Mode

    Finished my build last night of the ISOSCELES. Pedal is working and the TC mode sounds great, but when I switch to Fortin mode (the toggle on the left to go between preamp and boost called SW1) there is a massive drop in volume (regardless of the 33 or Grind toggle mode). In TC mode all is...
  3. burger-patty-and-bacon


    which on/on toggle (left side or right side ) when looking at the top of the pedal is which and in which direction does it go? I am taking a guess at the below which is likely very wrong. •Boost/Preamp(Toggle Switch) - Toggles between Boost and Preamp modes •Triangulate/Crush(Toggle Switch) -...
  4. burger-patty-and-bacon

    Spirit Box Reverb Chip Placement

    I'm starting Spirit Box now that I have my parts. I got the reverb BTDR-2H LONG from stopmboxparts (love that site). The reverb chip has 6 pins on it going 6 5 4 3 2 1 left to right when looking at the top of it. I looked up the datasheet of it and see the "pinout" is: 1. +5V 2. Power GND 3...
  5. burger-patty-and-bacon

    Another J201 Thread

    I tried to cancel my ebay china order for the J201 but i'm gonna just chalk that up to a loss. The seller is probably fake as are the chips. In double checking my BOM for my 5 pedal mega build I actually need a total of 6 J201. Can anyone tell me if this dude here is selling legit chips? If...
  6. burger-patty-and-bacon

    Gauss Drive 1N4448 and also 19k resistor in general On the GAUSS DRIVE, is this a TYPO on the DIODE of 1N4448 or is that correct? I am not finding those on tayda or stompboxparts. Found on eBay the 1N4448 So here is an odd one.. I am almost done, but I cannot find a 19kohm resistor. Stompboxparts...
  7. burger-patty-and-bacon


    Anyone have an extra BC550C or know where to source one without crazy shipping or quantity? Or can I sub it with something? Doing the ISOCELES bom now
  8. burger-patty-and-bacon

    3PDT Breakout Board (for Buffered effects)

    I have been using the non buffered ones. how do i know if a pedal is buffered or not? i mostly build boost/od/dist pedals and am going to buy about 7 more PCB's. are any buffered boosts going to state they are buffered somewhere?
  9. burger-patty-and-bacon

    procedure to test a push button

    While waiting on my SMD SOT23 NPN transistors to arrive from ebay, I want to try and fix the non working tap tempo button. What am I doing with my DMM on this push button to test it? As a guess, I put my DMM probes onto each tab. Reads 3.2Kohm when not pushed, and 000.2kOhm when pushed and...
  10. burger-patty-and-bacon

    TC Nova Delay ND-1

    I picked up a known non-working TC ND-1 Nova Delay. It powers on but there is no sound. Do we discuss t-shooting non PedalPCB stuff here? Looking for some tips/pointers as to where to begin the t-shooting process to see if I can make this pedal work, else I will have to sell it for very cheap.
  11. burger-patty-and-bacon

    Bolide Distortion ENGL Powerball

    Anyone build this yet?
  12. burger-patty-and-bacon

    ART Inkjet Laser Glossy Matte Waterslide Toner Transfer Etching

    Ok, boys. I just buttoned up my 5th pedal, the Cataclysm delay. I was so confident in my work and the overall build that for the first time, I completely assembled it all the way before even testing. 100% perfecto success, zero issues. Perfect alignment going into the 125B enclosure,no...
  13. burger-patty-and-bacon

    Fortin Cali Preamp

    Not sure how this would possibly be traced or even figured out, but man would I love to have a Fortin Cali Preamp pedal, complete with all of the mini toggles.
  14. burger-patty-and-bacon

    Inexpensive power supply

    I'm using the ghastly One Spot right now with the ridiculous long pigtail chain... I see pedal power 2 by voodoo is like 130 bucks but I see a boatload of similar units on Amazon for 30 or 40 bux. Brands like Donner and others I have never heard of. Seeking experiences on budget friendly...
  15. burger-patty-and-bacon

    High Gain Tube Amplifier Kits

    I would like to build my own high gain tube amp in the vein of 5150. 6L6 power and 5x 12AX7 pre. Make a high gain amp kit. Thanks.
  16. burger-patty-and-bacon

    GIMP is like building a thermo nuclear reactor in complexity

    This GIMP program is kicking my ass. Would anyone possibly be so kind as to make a 10 or 15 step total moron guide to GIMP from taking a PedalPCB PDF drilling template, getting it into gimp, placing text at each knob, drawing in knobs so the text clears the knob, etc so i can print some dry...
  17. burger-patty-and-bacon

    Pedal #3 is done - The Plumes - It is awesome

    Well boys. Pedal #3 build is done. #1 was the Face Melter, many challenges. #2 was the Dirty Shirley and everything was good but the main LED issue which was solved by jumpering SW on PCB to LED K pad (unsure why this happened). Quick fix and thanks to the amazing support here. Pdeal #3 was...
  18. burger-patty-and-bacon

    Actually Clear / Transparent Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper

    Lads. I do believe my first foray into pedal design and gfx will be inkjet and vinyl stickers which I would then clear coat. I am wanting to source actual CLEAR / TRANSPARENT sheets. Everything I can find, people are saying it is still "cloudy" when put on. Anyone have any leads on an exact...
  19. burger-patty-and-bacon

    16 pin IC socket across two 8 pin on PCB

    Fellow nerds. Is it ok to use a single 16 pin IC socket across two adjacent 8 pin "banks" as long as I am sure to slot the TL072 and the TC1044SCPA IC's in the correct notch orientation?
  20. burger-patty-and-bacon

    Anyone ever do the same build, one using expensive one using low cost Tayda and compare

    Tone and sound is subjective to all, but I am nerdily curious if anyone has ever gone through the exercise of building 2 identical kits and one kit you went baseline Tayda, 1 penny stuff, and another using "expensive" caps and other parts and compared. I would think the main difference would be...