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  1. p_wats

    Ancient Roboto with added mini noise gate

    I built a few of these old Roboto boards years ago now. I always liked the idea of the pedal, but never really used it much. Part of that is possibly just how unwieldy this can be in terms of noise, etc. while also sounding pretty dull in terms of tone. I read that changing/removing the 470pf...
  2. p_wats

    Vero/Tagboard Mastotron

    This isn't a PedalPCB board, but I figured it was worth sharing anyway given the bypass board poll, as it's the first time I used a bypass board in ages (maybe the second time ever). In this case I thought the bypass board was useful, as the Tagboard layout dign't have an onboard CLR or LED...
  3. p_wats

    Am I the only one killing FV-1 chips just by looking at them?

    Looking for some solidarity or maybe just some pity. Basically, I'm pretty sure I'm looking at 7(!) dead FV-1 chips (including 3 I just bought from and multiple PCBs that I can't complete (Deflector, Arachnid). I've been building for a long time and have built some cool...
  4. p_wats

    Attempting FV-1 on the breadboard

    A small victory in my battle with FV-1 build issues - I got a simple test circuit working on a breadboard, so I can use the EZ FV-1 adapter to check my graveyard of "dead" chips. Turns out the first one works absolutely fine, so that gives me hope. I basically followed the schematic in the...
  5. p_wats

    Pitch Witch with extra weird mods

    Another weird delay is low on the list of things i need, but high on the list of fun, so here we are. I figured I'd mess with this one a bit and see if I could go even weirder. Some notes on the stock build: I had some ticking with the 4558s I tried, so I went with a TL062, which cured that I...
  6. p_wats

    Swirly fun with a hand painted Circulator

    Finally! After what seems like eons of troubleshooting FV-1 circuits (still out of luck on those) I've been able to have some fun building something. I tried to keep it pretty straightforward with the Circulator---no relay bypass, no expression jacks, etc. That said, I did end up doing a few...
  7. p_wats

    Deflector loses effect after a while

    Here I am with another FV-1 based troubleshooting thread, alas. I've got a populated Deflector PCB here that works fine for a while, then the wet signal cuts out---sometimes a quick stop, others an intermittent sputter, but the effect always stops at some point. The key thing to note here is...
  8. p_wats

    How's this for a low-budget drilling template?

    Measuring/drilling is my least favourite part of building. Do you guys use any template/guide, etc.? I just hacked this template together out of foamboard, glue and finishing nails. I slide a 1590a inside, mark the holes, punch them and boom, drill press time. Seems to be working well so far...
  9. p_wats

    Intermittent static/noise (more gremlins - have I made it even worse?)

    At some point a smarter man would give up on this ridiculously cursed build, but I just can't. I've now had it boxed up and "finished" a half dozen times only for something weird to pop up. In this case, I've now got an intermittent crackle/noise that interrupts the signal (doesn't seem to...
  10. p_wats

    Be careful tightening your 1P8T rotary switches!

    The cursed enclosure that claims all who enter has done it again (he says, shifting blame from himself)! ARGH! Excited to finally get this nightmare build fixed and boxed up, I must have tightened the nut a bit too much. It didn't seem like I was applying any extra force, but then I heard...
  11. p_wats

    SOLVED The gremlins return: LED-based switch pop

    I'm back with the same Arachnid build. Starting a new thread, as I had marked the other switch popping thread solved...because it was! Everything seemed perfectly fine after replacing C15 (the 1u MLCC in series with the output), but when I got it all back together and boxed up today, I noticed...
  12. p_wats

    Tayda down for anyone else?

    I've been trying to build a cart and place an order the last few days, but the site has been showing error messages depending on the page I'm trying to access (sometimes homepage, account page, etc.). Anyone else having issues?
  13. p_wats

    SOLVED Loud pop from Arachnid (it's all gone downhill from there)

    I'm getting a loud pop in an Arachnid build I just boxed up, which is strange, as I've used the relay bypass before and it was absolutely silent---in fact, this exact bypass board/switch was salvaged from a build where it had also been silent. Here's what I've tried so far: Different power...
  14. p_wats

    This really is a resistor (warning SMD content)

    On the rare occasion that I try SMD work it always amazes me how tiny the parts are. Im sure this is old hat for many of you, but this is a 0603 resistor (actually not that hard to solder with normal tools). I'm hoping to do more SMD, so let me know if you know of any interesting projects!
  15. p_wats

    I seem to have collected more enclosures than I remember...

    For someone who doesn't build that much lately (got a few new PCBs on the way though), I seem to have amassed more enclosures than I remember (there are easily 15 1590As in that first box). I'm sure some of you can put this to shame though?
  16. p_wats

    Substitute C1M for linear or audio taper instead

    Let's say someone was tempted by the Circulator and Chaos Machine circuits, but didn't have any C1M pots on hand, how disruptive would it be to use either linear or audio taper pots instead? I know they will technically work, but has anyone done it and found any issues dialing in settings? I...
  17. p_wats

    Am I the only loser who keeps trying to time orders with the coupon codes?

    To help offset the currency exchange and shipping costs to Canada, I often find myself building up a cart then waiting for the next coupon code. However, almost always, this results in one or more of the PCBs I'm after being out of stock (Arachnid and Son of Ben, at the moment), so I never end...
  18. p_wats

    Finally! A win! (Repaired/Modified mega Arachnid double pedal)

    It's no secret I've had a bit of a rough spell with regards to troubleshooting FV-1 builds that worked fine until I did something dumb. Hopefully I'm over the hump now though, as this one is a doozy. I built this double Arachnid last year for my wife/bandmate to use with her synth setup. She...
  19. p_wats

    SOLVED Arachnid with loud hiss/noise (yes, another one!)

    I remember a time when I used to build pedals that worked. In fact, this WAS one of those pedals! I built this double Arachnid last year and we used it heavily both live and while recording, but then the rotary control on the right in the image below failed (as confirmed way back in this...
  20. p_wats

    Whine from very old Arachnid board (the saga continues)

    Ever have one of those weeks where nothing you touch works? After scrapping the last Arachnid board that had been working fine until I pushed it too far with more mods I decided to try again, taking what I learned to an even older Arachnid/Octagon board. I carefully built it up and tested each...