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    GigRig Humdinger

    A combination of buffer + transformer isolated output (with phase selection) is a useful tool when running more than one amp.
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    Carl Martin Plexitone

    A classic pedal that sounds awesome.
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    IN PROGRESS Wampler Plexi-Drive

    I know this can be built with the Corduroy board but I'm suggesting a separate version just for the different knob layout.
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    Tycobrahe Octavia / Fulltone Octafuzz

    I think this would be an interesting build. I'm curious to compare it to the Roger Mayer Octavia and check the effect of the transformer. And it would be nice to have the Octave / Fuzz switch.
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    Tycobrahe Octavia

    I've been going though a fuzz discovery journey. I feel like the octavia/o would be interesting.