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    SOLVED Sea Horse worked then didn't

    Had it working in the box, then after tightening nuts and adding knobs and backplate I get only dry signal whether on or off. Took the backplate off to test again and same thing, poked all offboard wires and they all seem to be still connected. LED still turns on and pulses properly. Any...
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    SOLVED Blue Breaker Broken

    Had it working, sounded great, then turn it on today and signal cuts when pedal is on. Opened it up and one wire had come loose, resoldered it and now the volume is super low to the point where you can barely hear it with all knobs maxed. Could the TL072 be damaged? Thanks
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    SOLVED Bohemia Noise

    Anyone know what this noise means? My 3rd build, when pedal is turned on it makes this weird oscillation noise that is affected by volume and gain pots. Using 2n4393s and 2n5089 that had worked for other people in here, had them seeded wrong so found the pinout and adjusted so I think it...