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  1. Elijah-Baley

    CD4049 spice, please

    Hello. I tried here to find some suggestion to import in Tina TI software the spice of the CD4049 to play around it with a schematic. I downloaded this, thanks to the user fig. I...
  2. Elijah-Baley

    PAL800 v3: the switches

    Hello, I have a question about the PAL800, the JCM800 Emulator, the PedalPCB version is the M800: The schematic is a jfet version of a JCM800 preamp: six transistors with five trimpots. That was the old version of the PAL800. There's a V3 version, now, that...
  3. Elijah-Baley

    Wampler Dracarys

    Hello. Do somebody know what is the Wampler Dracarys? Somebody assumed that the Dracarys is a modified Triple Wreck but I can't find any video comparison of the Triple Wreck and the Dracarys, at least to hear both in the same video. I know that the Dracarys has tighter low end than the Triple...
  4. Elijah-Baley

    Angry Andy (JHS AT) and the 10k EQ pot

    Hello, I built the circuit of the JHS @ AT pedal. The PedalPCB schematic, as well other variations of this pedal (Angry Charlie, Crunch Box...), has a 10k reverse log pot as EQ. So I tried it, and in combination with the Air pot seems to work fine, at my first tests. I know that the original AT...
  5. Elijah-Baley

    PSU for TPA3118 Power Amp

    Hello guys. I built some mini amp, a pair based on the LM386 and one with the TDA7052. I've been stuck for a long time with a TDA2003. I wanted to do something great with two channel preamp, boost... a long story. I would like to buy a TPA3118 Power Amp board now, but my main problem with this...
  6. Elijah-Baley

    G1 - The clean version pedal mod

    Hello everybody, my first post here. I really like the three circuits Malachite Overdrive, Tyrian Distortion and Sanguine Distortion, and I planning to build all of them, even if I don't know when. :cautious: I also have an idea but I don't know how much good is, maybe it's totally stupid...