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  1. Jovi Bon Kenobi


    This is a really unique and cool sounding pedal. It's like a wah but without the treadle. You can manually dial in the cutoff frequency and bandwidth filter into a fixed position for some really interesting sounds...honk, skawk, booming, nasal, and everything in-between. In addition to the...
  2. Jovi Bon Kenobi

    Tearjerker Wah!

    My very first wah pedal! Still setting up and fine tuning the dip-switches but it's all put together. It sounds awesome but I've never played with a wah before so I have nothing to compare it to ?. This was a raw Smallbear Expression Pedal Kit that I painted with Rust-Oleum Hammered rattle can...
  3. Jovi Bon Kenobi

    Magnetron Delay Problem

    Here's the problem. When I test the board out of the enclosure I get two possible outcomes: a.) I only get one repeat turning the full range of feedback knob with self oscillation at the very end, the dry signal is quieter than the repeats, there is faint RF, and my overall guitar signal is...
  4. Jovi Bon Kenobi

    Magnetron Mods! Havoc Switch & Outer Gain Pot?

    I would like to build a Magnetron Delay with mods that have done before here in the forum but am having doubts whether my notes are correct after reading through previous posts. Here are some previous posts on the topic of the momentary havoc switch: Danbieranowski's & jjjimi84's Here's what...
  5. Jovi Bon Kenobi

    Pandora's Box With Bass Contour Mod

    This is an awesome Rat variant! Again, I took the advice of the friendly folks here and built this. So glad I did. It rules! Best. Rat. Ever! The mod I did is courtesy of Chuck D Bones with help from Hamish. Photos of mod below. What I had in a baggie labeled "LM308N" was actually UA308HC so I...
  6. Jovi Bon Kenobi

    Rat Based (LM308N) Options?

    I have a few metal can and dip LM308N's as well as some alternates (CA3130EZ/TL071) and wanted to build a Rat. What Rat-based PedalPCB options are out there that call for em? I know of the Muroidea but are there any others on the site that specify that chip? I'll be ordering the Muroidea but...
  7. Jovi Bon Kenobi

    Fuchsia Fuzz. Wow.

    I built this on the recommendation of many here and I can honestly see why. It is a near do-everything fuzz. Dial the fuzz knob down a ways and it goes into drive/distortion territory. Dial it up for beautiful mayhem. It can handle rhythm chording and long sustained lead notes equally well...
  8. Jovi Bon Kenobi

    Fuchsia Fuzz Clip Control

    Link to build docs. Finished boxing this up. Everything works and it sounds KILLER! I built the 5 knob version from the build docs with separate treble, bass, and clip. Before I label it I had a question about the optional "Clip" control. All the way counter clockwise it has more of an old...
  9. Jovi Bon Kenobi

    To Have One's Ducks in a Row

    I just thought of this today. Thought I'd share. Am I overdoing it? Probably. 3M double sided tape on the BOM
  10. Jovi Bon Kenobi

    First SMD SOT23 Adapter Board and MMBF4393?

    I'm prepping for my next build, the Fuchsia Fuzz, and was just wondering if I did this right as this was the first SMD component I soldered and I used an iron since I don't have a hot air device. Checking the pinout of the MMBF4393, I used the j201 side of the SOT23 Adapter. Is this correct...
  11. Jovi Bon Kenobi

    Hyped Fuzz

    Hot off the bench. This one is a beast! I am most definitely going to keep it as it's a new favorite. I never got to play an original FZ-2 but now won't need to! It is heavvvy! The tone sweep is particularly useful on this one. There is no bad setting on any end of it's range. It also super low...
  12. Jovi Bon Kenobi

    Chickenhead (Updated)

    This is the pedal I built last year from this post. I always had this design in mind but wasn't sure how I was going to execute it with my dinky old P-Touch. The inspiration for this design comes from the demonic house cat from a bonkers 70's Japanese psychedelic horror film called House, or...
  13. Jovi Bon Kenobi


    Straightforward build with no issues. P-Touch printed labels. Quick n ez!
  14. Jovi Bon Kenobi

    Unison Double Tracker w/Stereo Mod

    Working my way through roughly 40 PCB's from last year. This is the 4th Unison I've made with the intent to keep but this time I mean it, I swear. Built this with the stereo Mod so I can run it to two amps. I used the P-Touch for labels and just noticed I put an extra "-tune" on the top right...
  15. Jovi Bon Kenobi

    Stereo Mod for Unison Double Tracker (Pythagoras)

    Here's a fantastic mod to allow the Unison Double Tracker's output to split into two channels, one wet, one dry. You can sculpt adjustable space, time, and dimension between two amps, i.e. Strymon Deco, Keeley 30ms, etc... Or how about panning ping-pong slap back? Or detuned in one amp, clean in...
  16. Jovi Bon Kenobi

    Relay Bypass and Off Board Wiring

    It's been awhile since doing these on the reg so I'm a bit rusty. Here I have my main board and relay bypass module soldered together via pin header. I added red and green circles in reference to the question below. My question is, when connecting the pcb with attached relay board to...
  17. Jovi Bon Kenobi

    Rangefinder PNP to NPN? When this pops I'm definitely picking some up. Question I have is, can I use an NPN germanium? Would it be as simple as removing the voltage inverter?
  18. Jovi Bon Kenobi

    My New Favorite, The Chickenhead

    Sweet baby Jesus this pedal sounds incredible! I couldn't even wait to label it to share my excitement. I haven't even biased it yet! I built it stock with no alterations. The hard to find 5nF cap was from Smallbear. The NPN germanium CV7112 was from reverb. The HFE is 88 and the leakage is...
  19. Jovi Bon Kenobi

    Brother P-Touch Tutorial

    What is the Brother P-Touch? An inappropriate monk? One of the most unfortunately named products in modern times? Yes and No. It's also the device I use to label my pedals. I wanted to create this thread to show my process of how I utilize this machine since a few people asked how I do my...
  20. Jovi Bon Kenobi

    Sherwood Drive

    I built this pedal for a customer who is playing a Halloween show in character as The Flying Burrito Brothers. He's a big Gram fan (so am I) so I suggested this title of Grievous Angel and he loved it. I did one slight mod that Chuck mentioned in a previous thread. That is, I ran a 1nF film cap...