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  1. p_wats

    Fume Extractors?

    I built one out of an old computer fan, some filters and a tin. Works well if it's close to the source (but that sounds like the case for most of them).
  2. p_wats

    Be careful tightening your 1P8T rotary switches!

    Nothing excessive done in the two that have failed on me (one after regular use and the other while tightening carefully). I've just learned to be careful with them, as they don't seem very robust (no fault of PedalPCB, they are the same quality elsewhere too).
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    I did the the same thing. Ha. Made a lot more sense when I realized my mistake.
  4. p_wats


    Looks great! Though you may find with the PedalPCB board "Tone" is on the bottom left and "Magic" is in the middle. (Don't worry, several of us have done the same thing, assuming it was the same layout as the real Rainbow Machine.)
  5. p_wats

    Haarp build at a stand still, send help!

    The two pads on the board that were damaged go to ground, as does the leg that broke off the FV-1. If there's any of pin 25 left on the chip you could connect it to pin 24, then connect that to another ground source. If it were mine, I'd give it a shot before tossing the board, but I'm also...
  6. p_wats

    Low Tide

    Oh wow. Didn't even know this pedal or this board existed until seeing this. Very cool!
  7. p_wats

    Distortion 250 [Eurorack]

    Very cool! Are you doing anything to deal with the difference in signal level between eurorack and guitar pedals?
  8. p_wats

    FV-1 No audio out of pins 20 and 28...

    Did you solder the FV-1 yourself? In my experience, 90% of FV-1 issues are from self-soldered chips (I speak from experience). If yes, I would ensure there are no bridges and all pins are making a good connection---do you have have a multimeter to test continuity? You'll want to check that each...
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    Don't worry, I did the same thing with mine! Ha. Looks great, by the way!
  10. p_wats

    Unicab with input switch, thru and balanced XLR out

    Thanks! It's been a useful build, for sure.
  11. p_wats

    Unicab mods?

    I've never run mine at 18v, as it sounds fine at 9v. I usually go with higher rated caps if I'm doing that, just in case. You'd want to make sure your power supply is actually putting out 18v and not going to fluctuate much if you're using 25v caps, just to be safe, I think?
  12. p_wats

    Unicab mods?

    Hey, you you find details on this thread: (it links to the various schematics I looked at for the extra options, etc.).
  13. p_wats

    Unicab mods?

    I added a little DI circuit and XLR out on mine, as well as a switch to accept the signal from my amp (with a thru output so I could still connect the speaker). Works great!
  14. p_wats

    Questions for Deflector build

    Yeah, if you get the FV-1 pre-soldered then everything you need comes with it. No programming required.
  15. p_wats

    Organ Donor no wet signal

    Have you traced continuity from the FV-1 pins to the intended destinations? Could be the photos, but some of those solder joints on the pins look like they might not be connected (I've had the same issue with a few self-soldered FV-1s).
  16. p_wats

    SOLVED Leprechaun not working and I don't know what to do

    Is it possible the lower pots are shorting out against the PCB? This is a common issue with unshielded pots.
  17. p_wats

    Ancient Roboto with added mini noise gate

    Cool! I was curious about more settings, but I only really like the arp anyway. How do you find the noise with yours? I also notice a small amount of high pitch bleed through in bypass depending on where the control knob it set.
  18. p_wats

    Ancient Roboto with added mini noise gate

    I built a few of these old Roboto boards years ago now. I always liked the idea of the pedal, but never really used it much. Part of that is possibly just how unwieldy this can be in terms of noise, etc. while also sounding pretty dull in terms of tone. I read that changing/removing the 470pf...
  19. p_wats

    I Need a Better Clear Coat...

    I used that triple thick Krylon for years without issues. It was my favourite! I just can't seem to get it locally anymore otherwise I'd still use it. Maybe they've changed the formula or something? I built many pedals that looked great using it.
  20. p_wats

    Vero/Tagboard Mastotron

    Yeah, the art of speaker cabinet making is not something I'm about to get into either. Ha. both my homemade tube amps are salvage jobs that came with cabinets and got sprayed in funky colours because I can't be bothered with tolex either. I played the Mastotron through my homemade 5E3 last...