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    Radium Springs: Tweak values/trimpot For Tremolo Level?

    I read the review of the Radium Springs where a user tweaked some resistor values to adjust the tremolo level, when using those modes: "replace the resistors controlling the tremolo signal with trimpots using the handy Trimmit boards or socketing them and changing them out until you like them."...
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    Soldering SMD (FV-1) - wait between pins?

    I typically never solder ICs (and rarely solder transistors), so I'm a little skittish/overly-cautious with my first FV-1. Pretty much the only question I have is: how long should I wait in between soldering each leg? EDIT: I've already started soldering this one, but it's slow going as I'm...
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    BJFE Sparkling Yellow OD (1 or 3)

    #3 would be ideal. #1 would be awesome. #2 might ok, but already have vero for that one.
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    Recommend a DIY Reverb that DOESN'T sound like an analog delay

    You know, that 'bup-bup-bup-bup bup bup.....' echo. Any DIY reverbs that have a natural(ish) decay? Wampler Faux Reverb? Would like something for a small board when I take my Tweed Deluxe over to a cousin's place.
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    Mesa Throttle Box

    The vero version is huge for something with four knobs and one toggle switch. Wouldn't mind building out one of these.
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    Recommend a volume pedal build

    Got two raw/unfinished wah enclosure kits over the weekend; one for a Vox build, and one that will be used for a volume pedal. So, I need to know of a decent circuit to use for volume: it can be DIY PCB, fabbed PCB or vero. I saw the one at Tonepad (Anderton retrofit), but that sounds like it...
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    Vox Wah: inductor?

    Got a PCB pretty much done for a Vox (Clyde McCoy?) Wah, but curious about which inductor to use. I have a yellow Fasel in there now and waiting for the wah enclosure to be delivered. Just want to know if there is a proper inductor to use (although I’m not sweating over ‘vintage correct’), or if...
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    JHS Clover Preamp

    While I like the idea of a Boss FA-1 clone, the additional midrange options on the JHS Clover would be preferred.
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    FET Ibanez Tube King

    I've heard the 1st-gen Ibanez Tube King was designed by Butler, so I'm curious if an FET version could be worked out. (similar to the way the MOSFET Driver is an FET workalike of the Tube Driver). I'd do it myself, but still not sure how to replace that 12AX7 with FETs in the Tube King. I had...
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    Complex OD Deluxe

    Yep - two channels, hi/lo toggle for each. Is that possible, or would it just be easier to apply a few mods to the Thermionic Dlx build? (i,e. would that be too similar to the Thermionic Deluxe to go to the trouble of a 2nd Deluxe board?)
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    Etchers: cut first or etch first?

    For those folks that etch PCBs, do you iron on (PnP Blue), then etch the board with multiple layouts, then cut the individual layouts out, or do you cut the layout pieces,THEN etch them separately? Just curious I’ve been doing a single board at a time (with 3 or more layouts ironed on) for as...
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    Complex OD vs Dirty Sanchez or Thermionic

    Putting the cart before the horse a bit here because my boards aren't even here yet (but should be within a day or so), but is the architecture THAT different for Complex OD? Asking because it would be pretty incredible to modify the Thermionic Deluxe to be a Thermionic/Complex. Thx! - Buck
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    XB-MB to Gauss MB

    I see there isn't an R10 or R12 on the XB-MB (like on the Gauss), but did find the other components to modify to Gauss specs. Is the schematic for the XB-MB going to be available? No biggie if it's not soon, just checking before I start building.
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    Friedman Smallbox OD

    Yeah, I know it's not even out until sometime in Q2 (IF it's even available then), but hope this is on the radar. Supposedly does Plexi OD to BE high-gain just using the gain control. And as such, a deluxe/dual version (like the Thermionic Deluxe) would be even cooler.
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    Turn Thermionic Deluxe into Dirty Sanchez Ch1, Thermionic Ch2

    Sorry if this one seems basic, but what values would I need to change if I wanted to perform this mod? Thx, - Buck