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    EHX QTron Plus

    Or any awesome envelope filter with effect loop. I have seen diy pcbs for something like that (I forget from which vendor) but I would appreciate a PPCB one!
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    Super Heterodyne Receiver

    This build went very smooth until I started populating switches and pots. First I messed up the breakout board (I soldered it upside down) and had to desolder it which was a bit of a pain and I was worried that one of the traces had lifted. Luckily it was fine. Second, I didn't check the switch...
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    SOLVED Switches too tall?

    I am working on a Super Heterodyne Receiver buid and I found that the rotary switches are not as tall as the other switches (dpdt and spdt). This didn’t happen to me with other builds, eg, the Conqueror Supreme, so I wonder if the switches I got are somehow too tall or if I made some other...
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    Heat sink

    Do you guys ever use a heat sink for soldering? I’ve been using it for ceramic caps which means they always stick out away from the board. Am I making my life unnecessarily harder?
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    War Scythe

    I finished most of this build on my birthday (1/3) but I didn't put the knobs on until today. I was waiting to get black knobs but I don't mind these actually. The build went pretty smooth this time and the pedal worked right away (no rocking-before-boxing). I haven't played with the pedal a...
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    SoundCloud file from mobile?

    I tried inserting a SoundCloud link that I copied directly from the app on my iPhone but the forum is saying it can’t be embedded. I’m guessing the desktop version has a different link format? Here’s what I got:
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    Captain Bit

    It's taking me a while to put together my builds, but today I finally wrapped one up. I have been building two Captain Bits, but I accidentally ordered only one B2K pot instead of two, so the second one is going to have to wait... Oh well. The build went mostly smooth, except for the fact that...
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    How do you solder pots?

    I have been soldering pots inside the enclosure, after all the other components, so that I can make sure they are in the correct position and orientation. However, depending on the build, it can be hard to get to the leads with a fully populated board. I haven't burned anything yet, but I feel...
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    Adafruit 8x8 NeoTrellis Feather

    Not a pedal, but fun enough that I wanted to share it. I simply built this kit from Adafruit and coded a plain old Conway’s game on life in CircuitPython (Adafruit microcontroller library built in Python). Happy holidays!
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    EHX Nano Deluxe Memory Man

    Heard a demo and it sounds great. It may have a ton of SMD internally though, or it may be just the same as any other BBD delay circuit. I’ll take any BBD delay alternatively!
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    Delegate boneyard: any LED preference?

    I am starting to put together some orders for upcoming builds and I noticed that the Delegate (boneyard ed) calls for 2 red 3mm LEDs and one white 5mm one. Are there any preferences in terms of diffused or not and/or intensity (measured in mcd I suppose)? On a related note, how do you guys...
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    Photo orientation

    More a feature request than an issue. When uploading photos from mobile, the metadata associated with the orientation seems to be ignored and so the photos have a somewhat random orientation (tested on iPhone). Maybe even just allowing manual rotation could help? Thank you!
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    Reliable fasel inductor

    For pedals like the Conqueror or Magical Mystery Box or for a Wah.
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    Cornish P2

    Just saw this clip on Instagram and now I really want one, but they are $1200…
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    EHX Parallel Mixer

    One more from the archived list. @PedalPCB mentioned that it was almost ready. Looking forward to it!
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    Zvex Instant Lo-fi Junky

    This was on the archived wish list. Not sure how difficult it would be to clone. Sure sounds ace!
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    3Leaf Audio Chromatron

    Never tried one, but the demos sound amazing and it’s become really hard to find at a reasonable price (latest one I found on Reverb is listed at $600). Really cool optical envelope filter with expression control.
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    Feedback looper

    Like SBA Total Sonic Annihilation or something like that.
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    Phase 90 Mods: are they worth it?

    Hey guys, I have a Phase 90 and also a DIY one I built years ago (from GPCB maybe?). I am wondering if and how either of those could be modded. What I would like is being able to add the following (lifted liberally from this): Depth pot Blend pot Volume pot 45/Normal/Script switch Any thoughts...
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    Pin headers, connectors, ribbon cables, etc

    I’ve been thinking about a better solution for wiring pedals. Soldering wire to the PCB is my least favorite part of building pedals (worse than drilling enclosures!) but I am struggling with coming up with a easy solution. I’ve seen folks using JST connector here and there but I don’t think...