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  1. Cybercow

    Arachnid 2.1 Build - No Wet Signal [SOLVED]

    Is there an image of the Arachnid 2.1 PCB with the component identifiers (not values) that matches the schematic? The build docs and website sales page shows only the component values on the shown\available PCB images. I believe I'll have greater success troubleshooting my "no wet signal" issue...
  2. Cybercow

    FV-1 Shepard Function Generator (Barber Pole Filter) Tones

    I'm curious if the FV-1 can emulate a Shepard Function Generator's filter section. Instead of using a sine wage to feed the 8 VCAs and 8 VCFs, apply a guitar signal last the signal input and provide some controls for the wave shapes of the VCA sand VCFs for combining up\down barber pole...
  3. Cybercow

    Older Octagon Build - "Lucky Smells"

    Fell in love with FV-1 builds and got three of the older Arachnid platform PCBs with an Octagon, Module8 and custom prepped EEPROM. Finished the enclosure on one of them for my cousin. I sent him the Module8 version. I really like how the waterslide and enclosure finished up. So I thought I'd...
  4. Cybercow

    FV-1 Ctrl-x Indicator LEDs

    I think an awesome addition to the Arachnid FV-1 PCBs would be to add the ability (option) to have an LED associated with each of the three control pots. All 3 pots do not work on certain patches and if each Ctrl pot had an associated LED that would light when it is active would be pretty cool...
  5. Cybercow

    Arachnid Builds (Older Version)

    Arachnid Build September 2018 - July 2019 The Arachnid is an FV-1 effects processor chip based building platform PCB from PedalPCB. It is JUST the PCB and requires the FV-1 and a couple other specialized ICs to complete. The new 2019 version does NOT use the ATTINY85 analog pot encryptor...
  6. Cybercow

    Procrastinator Trimmer Setting

    I've got my Procrastinator build up and running, but there is no attack delay at any setting of the trimmer. There is output in both bypass and engaged modes. I've spent over an hour trying various trimmer settings with the Sens pot at 50% and the Attack pot set at 100% - meticulously making...