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  1. Grubb

    Help me understand this schematic (Mach 1, Southern Belle)

    One of my favourite circuits is the Mach 1/Southern Belle, which I have enjoyed building and messing around with. I'm trying to understand how parts of the circuit work, with an eye to potential mods. Below is the first section common to both circuits, taken from the SB build docs: I think I...
  2. Grubb

    Raw guitar DI tracks, where to find?

    Does anyone know of a good source of raw guitar DI tracks, preferably free and fair use? I'm making a few of my own to use for quick audio demos of new pedal builds, but would like to source some that represent other styles of playing, or use guitar sounds that I can't really get from my...
  3. Grubb

    Switching between multiple resistors

    I'm playing around with the Six String Stinger circuit at the moment, planning out a few potential mods. Having learned this week that this OD/boost pedal has absolutely nothing to do with a very clean high headroom boutique tube amplifier - which is obvious on reflection🤦‍♂️ - and is instead...
  4. Grubb

    Stinger Clean Drive

    Happy Easter folks! I had some free time on Easter Sunday, so I got out the Six String Stinger board I've been waiting to put together. The build went fairly smoothly, although I need to get more solid core hook-up wire or some pre-tinned stranded, as the stranded I was using was annoying and...
  5. Grubb

    NRG Verdant: ODR-1 with bass knob

    I love my Nobleman a lot, but the bass can sometimes be overpowering in my setup and I wanted to try and make my own version with control over the bass. What I've ended up with is something between the Nobleman and an Aion Andromeda, with a couple of differing component choices. The PCB and...
  6. Grubb

    HELP! Relay bypass - adding MIDI

    I know this isn't a breadboarding topic, but this part of the forum seems to be the place where cool DIY stuff ferments. 😎 Essentially I want to incorporate MIDI controlled on/off switching into a standard relay bypass setup. It should be possible using the existing ATTINY/Arduino MIDI...
  7. Grubb

    Southern Lights (Greer of Tone)

    I've been shamed into posting this through reading the All In Good Fun thread 😅 I have been stepping up my pedal skills into designing my own PCBs in DipTrace (speaking of good fun!) and recently completed a build I've been wanting to do for ages. This two-channel overdrive has a Lightspeed...
  8. Grubb

    Mach 1/Southern Belle-based distortion

    I've been messing around with both the Mach1 and SB schematics in DipTrace and having lots of fun with them. Great circuits. You can see how the designer built the later pedal from the earlier architecture. The Southern Belle can get pretty gainy for an OD and sounds good like that. What would...
  9. Grubb

    Places to buy knobs

    Help me out folks. I am looking for Tayda alternatives for buying knobs. Particularly Boss or MXR style knobs in multiple sizes, and also anything aluminium, are what I'm interested in. I found some great knobs at BLMS but shipping was going to cost >$80 AUD (I've ordered from there previously...
  10. Grubb

    Drive>Delay>Reverb recommendations

    Hi folks, I'm in between projects as I wait for parts to arrive, so I'm thinking through another project on my list. I'm a teacher at a high school. The students at my school who play guitar are all talented but are also limited by lack of quality effects. They have generic school amps (Fender...
  11. Grubb

    Using PedalPCB boards in place of Noisy Cricket preamp section

    One of the ideas I've been thinking about is building a small solid-state practice amp. I like the Noisy Cricket project at Beavis Audio Research. But it got me wondering about whether or not I could use a PPPCB board in place of the preamp section of the circuit. I really like how the Vertex...
  12. Grubb

    Ideas needed for bass guitar filter/distortion pedal effect

    Not strictly a PedalPCB question, but hopefully someone will weigh in with some ideas. A colleague at the school I work at is a drummer in an alt-rock band in my local area. They are in the sound design process for a cover of Radiohead's Climbing Up the Walls: The bass guitar is going to do...
  13. Grubb

    Life Metal - Parentheses

    After some brief troubleshooting, I'm pleased to say that my Parentheses build works and sounds suitably sludgy. This was my first go using a rotary switch, and also the first time I have wired up a footswitch without using a breakout board of some kind. Apart from one loose connection that...
  14. Grubb

    SOLVED Semi-working Parentheses

    I've been testing a Parentheses I've nearly completed tonight, but there are a few issues. Distortion works. Sounds cool. Octave changes the sound, but seems a bit glitchy. I don't know if it's just supposed to be gnarly like that, there's no clear or obvious octave but it gives a definite...
  15. Grubb

    Enclosure scratches 😑

    So last night I did something terribly dumb. It was just before bed and I should have just gone to bed and not tried to do one more thing 🤦 I got the painted/printed enclosure for my Parentheses build out of the protective Tayda bubble wrap and laid my newly soldered PCB on top just to ensure...
  16. Grubb

    TPA3118 projects

    Looks like a cool module, I'd love to see some projects centred around its use.
  17. Grubb

    Greer of Tone: Possible to make Southern Belle switchable to Mach 1 specs?

    I have a Greer of Tone (Mach1 & Southern Belle dual pedal) project in mind. I'd like there to be order switching, but I'd also like to add an additional switch function. Ideally, the switch would modify the Southern Belle to be more like a second Mach 1, because the Greer LS sounds amazing when...
  18. Grubb

    Mesa Mark IV Preamp

    Chevelle are one of my favourite bands and their sound is based on the Mesa Mark IV, which I'm honestly never going to buy. But I'd love to have a preamp pedal based on that amp. Master Effects Pedals sell a few preamp pedals including a Mark IV clone, but I'm keen to build one myself. Their...
  19. Grubb

    EQD Erupter

    Posting for a friend who is not a member but is also building pedals and would like to build an Erupter. Looks pretty cool, if you're into Fuzz.
  20. Grubb

    Sansamp Classic

    There's an old thread in the archived Wish List about a Sansamp Classic and it sounded like it was on the radar. I'm aware of a GT2-inspired board but not a Classic. Let's put it back on the radar.