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  1. JamieJ

    Does anyone subscribe to Circuit Lab?

    Does anyone subscribe to Circuit Lab? Is it worth the $79 a year? I am really struggling with LTspice to where it is not useable for me without getting mega frustrated. Any tips on any other circuit simulation tools?
  2. JamieJ

    Hot air gun for SMD work?

    Anyone ever used a hot air gun for solder paste reflowing with SMD stencils? @fig has got me tempted with his fancy oven but I’m not sure I’m ready for that level of commitment just yet. I quite enjoy watching Dave Jones on EEVblog and saw that he has done it with some success - I wondered...
  3. JamieJ

    Mischief Machine

    This is the first of a few PCBs I've had a go at putting together myself using DipTrace and JLCPCB. Massive thanks to @cooder firstly for the inspiration with his amazing builds and for helping me get my head around DipTrace. This is a rat that uses some of Jack Ormans mods from his e-book. I...
  4. JamieJ

    L5 Preamp

    I haven't had much time for building recently so this one has taken me a few months to get done. I was meticulous about measuring every part when I was populating this board as I really didn't want to have to troubleshoot this one. Luckily it worked first time. It sounds awesome. I am using it...
  5. JamieJ

    Harmonic Trem Phasing Frequency

    I know there is no such thing as the best or optimum in anything in the pedal world but I wondered if anyone had guidance on setting Low and High pass filtering on a harmonic trem. I usually would go with 400Hz and 600hz as a starting point. I tried to mess about with different frequencies the...
  6. JamieJ

    Deflector Reverb with the most awesome art

    @jjjimi84 was kind enough to do a piece of art for me and it is incredible. He absolutely knocked it out of the park. The colour of the planet in the bottom left and the astronauts visor changes depending on what angle you view it at. Also the slow cycling LED is cool. I soldered the FV-1...
  7. JamieJ

    Buffered/Transformer Isolated Splitter

    This is an isolated splitter pedal that is really good at dinging hum. It's a simple TL072 buffer into a transformer with a phase reversal switch. The transformer isolation aspect of the circuit seems to be inspired by some of RG Keens ABY isolated splitter circuits. I used a different...
  8. JamieJ

    Help with Tayda UV print design

    Can anyone help with 2 super simple UV print designs? They will just be white text on black enclosures. Thanks!!
  9. JamieJ


    I've wanted to build this one for a while as there's loads of hype around it from some of my favourite types of guitar players (Danish Pete, Tom Bukovac). It sounds great and its definitely a pedal that you should use if you love the sound of your amp as it really doesn't change the tone too...
  10. JamieJ

    Practice Headphone Amp

    I have been looking for a quiet practice solution for a while and my first attempt is at a DIY option using the MXR headphone amp that @PedalPCB was kind enough to send me a couple of to test out. I added this to the unicab PCB. The unicab is a brilliant board. I wanted to add a switching jack...
  11. JamieJ

    MKI Tone Bender

    The one has been on the breadboard for a while (the micro protoboard has been massively helpful). I tried out about 20 transistors for Q1 and finally settled on one. It sounds pretty awesome. I have never played a real or clone of a TB so who knows if it sounds anywhere near what it should but...
  12. JamieJ

    What pedal would you buy even if DIY was an option?

    Seeing that the DSM Humboldt may be getting a trace, I started to look at a few demos on YouTube and was pretty amazed. For my home scenario that is the perfect pedal to play through headphones at home. Even if that pedal doesn’t get traced I would 100% buy it with out any doubts. Do you...
  13. JamieJ

    Just another Caesar build

    It seems everyone has built a Caesar and I didn't want to be left out. Its a great sounding chorus, I love the mix knob to dial in subtle chorus tones. I've never been a vibrato fan but its great to have this option too.
  14. JamieJ

    Help with an ampless rig build

    Hello folks! My next project is going to be an ampless rig to allow me to play my pedals through headphones. I am debating between DIY and products like the strymon iridium and the humboldt simplifier. I have a 1590xx ready for this. I was thinking of getting the son of Ben for a preamp into...
  15. JamieJ

    3PDT External Metal Washer

    Where do you guys get your washers for your 3PDT? This is from love my switches and is the type and measurements that I wanted. 12.4mm x 16.5mm Its a pain that LMS have extortionate delivery costs to send an order to the UK and is unjustifiable. I haven't had any luck searching online.
  16. JamieJ


    After starting on an LPB1 last week and a getting a feel for how to actually use a bread board I wanted to progress to the circuit I really wanted to build - a MKI Tone Bender. I have the PCB ready to go but I want to breadboard the circuit to audition transistors. So here it is - I didn’t...
  17. JamieJ

    Cali 76

    It seems like this one hasn’t made its way from the old wish list. Even with all the drama aside, I’m sure plenty of people would be keen to build this. Could it be done in a 1590BB with stacked boards and a reasonable amount of SMD?
  18. JamieJ

    Low Tide

    Almost drowned building this one. It needed three hours for me to troubleshoot the issues that were present for my build. There was no sound at all when boxing it up so out came the trusty audioprobe. First issue was that both the J201 and the 2SK208-Y needed reflowing. I thought I had fried...
  19. JamieJ


    Holy shitballs, this thing is incredible. I only had a short play and tinker with the bulb setting but it’s definitely got the vibe sound I want.
  20. JamieJ

    Lone King

    Still searching for my favourite overdrive… This one sounds pretty cool. I haven’t played too much with it yet but it seems a pretty decent sounding pedal. For some reason I have put off building a TS based pedal. Not sure why but thought this one had some extra interesting features including...