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  1. Grubb

    Help me understand this schematic (Mach 1, Southern Belle)

    Agreed, something I love about this place is that it's mostly orientated towards helping folks learn and improve. Doesn't matter if they're 14 or 74. Chuck and Robert are really key in setting the culture here IMO. As a professional educator in my day job, I really appreciate this place for its...
  2. Grubb

    Help me understand this schematic (Mach 1, Southern Belle)

    Amazing, thanks Chuck. That makes a lot of sense. The resistor pairs and capacitor pairs are each parallel pairs, and that affects the overall resistance/capacitance of that part of the circuit, forming a new combined filter.
  3. Grubb

    COMPLETE Earthquaker Devices Special Cranker

    @fig what brand kajigger do you use? I used to use the ones from Tayda, but then the Gorva kajiggers were released and I haven't looked back
  4. Grubb

    First Combo build....and it works! Mach 1/Southern Belle

    Typo! I lost a B. They are in a 1590BB. Good luck with the cap surgery.
  5. Grubb

    Help me understand this schematic (Mach 1, Southern Belle)

    Thanks for this Chuck. I can see in the Tommy schematic that one of the resistors is now a pot and no longer a fixed value. I understand this allows you to manually shift the frequency of the filter. But it raises questions for me, so please forgive my lack of understanding. I think that when...
  6. Grubb

    First Combo build....and it works! Mach 1/Southern Belle

    Welcome to the Greer of Tone club! I made my own PCB for a 2-in-1 of these circuits in a 1590BB. I like them both a lot, in fact the Mach 1 is one of my favourite builds so far. I haven't noticed any high-frequency issues, but the SB can get sizzling, in a good way. I have it set up natively to...
  7. Grubb

    Happy Birthd(el)ay To Me!— 23 Skidoo (Modified Chalumeau)

    Happy birthday Nick! Glad not only to see the end product but also to hear it as well. I'm glad to see you sticking to your birthday resolutions, I promised myself a Telecaster for my 40th, but February came and went without NGD occurring. Hoping for later this year, if the family budget allows.
  8. Grubb

    New Test Rig

    I would buy and use one. I've got the Auditorium and it's handy, but having some extra tools like a tone generator and audio probe would be even better.
  9. Grubb

    Six string stinger help (tone control)

    Fair enough. Definitely a worthwhile exercise if you ever decide to give it a second chance down the track. I'm really glad I modded mine. The other low gainer I'm excited about is the Super Stevie, probably quite a blues-specific tone, but it has a really nice cranked Fender sound my ear likes.
  10. Grubb

    Six string stinger help (tone control)

    @jeffwhitfield Have you tried swapping C11 and C12 in your Six String Stinger? I recently swapped mine over and it's now a much better pedal, in fact it hasn't left my pedalboard yet. Eventually I might need to decide between it and a Mach 1.
  11. Grubb

    ACID RAIN Fuzz

    The only question that matters 😂
  12. Grubb

    Cobalt Drive - Ground Points?

    Yes. Input and output ground pads, which correspond with these additional pads to ground noted in the schematic.
  13. Grubb

    Stinger Clean Drive

    I swapped the tonestack caps over in my Stinger today and I'm happy with the result. The tone control is now more subtle than most, with CCW giving a slight bass boost and treble cut, and the opposite when rotated CW. It could possibly have a stronger effect, but I much prefer the overall tone...
  14. Grubb

    Help me understand this schematic (Mach 1, Southern Belle)

    If I draw it like this, it makes me think I can simply add the resistance... 🤔 I couldn't work out how to signal VREF on this phone app so I used GND instead.
  15. Grubb

    Help me understand this schematic (Mach 1, Southern Belle)

    Thank you. Am I right in reading it this way? Filter 1: C4 + R8 Filter 2: C3 + (R8+R9 in series) I'm still not sure how to calculate the input resistance. The way R8 and R9 split into two branches is confusing me. The corresponding resistors are parallel in the Rat schematic so I'm none the...
  16. Grubb

    Help me understand this schematic (Mach 1, Southern Belle)

    One of my favourite circuits is the Mach 1/Southern Belle, which I have enjoyed building and messing around with. I'm trying to understand how parts of the circuit work, with an eye to potential mods. Below is the first section common to both circuits, taken from the SB build docs: I think I...
  17. Grubb

    Stinger Clean Drive

    So I've found that the Stinger has only been useful in specific circumstances, often needing the Tone control maxed to sound good. In trying to investigate why and to find some potential improvement mods, I've been doing some tone-stack calculations. Here is the tone curve with the Six String...
  18. Grubb

    SSBS - F*ck Overdrive

    One of my neighbours drives one 😍
  19. Grubb

    Raw guitar DI tracks, where to find?

    Does anyone know of a good source of raw guitar DI tracks, preferably free and fair use? I'm making a few of my own to use for quick audio demos of new pedal builds, but would like to source some that represent other styles of playing, or use guitar sounds that I can't really get from my...
  20. Grubb

    Cleaning PCB

    Any tips for cleaning the component side of boards? I can scrub the back clean no trouble but getting in and around the stuff that runs through from the back is not so easy. And then there's always some left after soldering in pots and switches, which I have no clue how to tackle, seeing as IPA...