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  1. JamieJ

    Hydra Delay

    I can’t remember which pot I went with @MichaelW - it might have been a B10k. I felt the mod makes the mix pot more useful when it is at a higher level. You loose the original dry sound without the mod.
  2. JamieJ

    Hydra Delay

    Here’s my build. I put it on a switch to alternate between the mod and normal function. Next time I wouldn’t bother I would just clip pin 3 and leave it at that.
  3. JamieJ

    Hydra Delay

    Very nice looking build @MichaelW - it’s definitely my favourite delay. I would also advise you to have a look at the mod to the mix pot which IMHO makes the pedal sound even better.
  4. JamieJ

    The Fingers Overdrive Mockup Pedal

    Your wife write this?
  5. JamieJ

    How ugly is it allowed to be if it works?

    Not to seem like I’m shitting on Bjorn. He’s obviously a very clever designer. I suppose he started in the boutique era and now that’s just his MO.
  6. JamieJ

    How ugly is it allowed to be if it works?

    Another thing about that BJFE, I personally hate how high the footswitch is. I know that means you can get a battery in but I think it ruins the aesthetics of the pedal.
  7. JamieJ

    How ugly is it allowed to be if it works?

    That BJFE art looks like when you were panicking to finish your school homework during the lesson.
  8. JamieJ

    How ugly is it allowed to be if it works?

    How many are you ordering at a time??
  9. JamieJ

    [WIP] PedalPCB SideEffect Relay Bypass Module

    This is super cool! There are too many options… Are the different modes set by reprogramming the MCU?
  10. JamieJ

    Electric Ladyland / Mama Flanger / Witchdoctor

    Oohff that’s nice! That looks like my kind of flanger. Good work @Chuck D. Bones @cooder & @fig
  11. JamieJ

    Sunflower Fuzz Mods

    I think one of Roger Mayers mods was to use a 2K fuzz pot.
  12. JamieJ

    Evil muffin

  13. JamieJ

    How ugly is it allowed to be if it works?

    That is not ugly @vigilante398 - beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That looks like a great way to get into building tube based pedals. One without a massive parts count.
  14. JamieJ

    HELP! Fig's Lab

    Sorry to hear about your daughter @fig Cars are weapons in disguise. This sounds very exciting- where will you be moving too?? Fig into the fog.
  15. JamieJ

    SOLVED Kliche: Strange Issue…

    This is some persistence! Good work @Coda After all the trauma is it worth it??
  16. JamieJ

    What's your favorite Fuzz Face build?

    For context what guitar and amp does your friend play and what music do they like?
  17. JamieJ

    What's your favorite Fuzz Face build?

    My favourite fuzz face is a tone bender. 😂 In all seriousness any correctly biased fuzz face with either a 470nF/1uF input cap works for me!
  18. JamieJ

    PedalPCB Electrovibe Mini

    Lovely stuff @fig - I always love your attention to detail.
  19. JamieJ

    L5 Preamp Build

    Love this @Raspymcnasty - I used a standard 9vAC power supply from Amazon but I think that is causing some issue with the compressor part of the circuit. @Gordo recommended using a 12vAC power supply from Yamaha but I haven’t got round to picking one up yet. @MichaelW - I use mine as the last...
  20. JamieJ

    (Can) You Make My Dreams Come True! (?)

    Do you want it to run at +25v or -9v?