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  1. Dali

    King Dubby Delay (2200ms!)

    That's one I would build the minute the PCB is available.
  2. Dali

    Need help for a Stick-related project: Stereo/mono and Volume

    I just got a Stick and got many friends that do too and many needs a simple "portable volume and stereo/mono" solution. Pot: Left Right (value?) Pot: Volume (value?) Switch: stereo to mono (type?) I know nothing in electronic (even after 40 pedals built !). I don't even know if the thing would...
  3. Dali

    Minnow with 2 inverted J201

    I'm so used to having all the caps with positive on the same side with PedalPCB that I just put 2 J201 (Q4,Q5) on the wrong orientation. No I'm not blaming PedalPCB, he don't come at my house putting them backward, I did... The question now is did I damaged my J201 (Q4-Q5)? Once I've put...
  4. Dali

    Signal Blender by Old Blood Noise

    Not necessarily a clone but anything like this "pedal mixer" : Parallel effect blender 3-to-1 mixer 1-to-3 splitter Active ABY in either direction Volume level setter
  5. Dali

    TO: Anyone writing suggestions in the Wish List forum

    Just writing the name of the pedal is not enough... Please add a Youtube video, link to schematic, try to "sell us" that it's a good pedal, worth PedalPCB's energy. Some are obscures and not everybody is a Pedal Encyclopedia... Help us help you, then we will upvote your suggestion (or not) ;)...
  6. Dali

    Pigtronix Quantum Time Modulator

    I didn't found any guts shot and even less schematics... But that's a wish list, not a "get realistic, buddy" forum.
  7. Dali

    FoxRox Octron

    As suggested by @Travis . This one got tons of sonic options! FoxRox Octron
  8. Dali

    Boss DS-1 JHS synth mod with EXP pedal

    Boss DS-1 JHS synth mod seems already great but adding an Expression pedal on the DIST level would make it quite the pedal we need. Here's a Demo (the EXP becomes more needed at 5:45
  9. Dali

    EMU AMP less gain

    I saw a recent thread on Facebook's Freestompbox about the EMU Amp Simulator And someone asked to have a bit less clipping and people suggested lowering the R1(22k), R31 (330k) or R32(330k) or R13(100k) value. In PedalPCB schematic, I think it's...
  10. Dali

    Slowing down a Minnow ( Maestro FSH-1 Filter Sample / Hold)?

    If I had to socket a resistor or something to make the Minnow even weirder than it is already, which part should I experiment with? I'm thinking slower speed or longer Decay but I'm open to our members crazy ideas. Schematic:
  11. Dali

    Captain Fuzz (Capitain Fuzz)

    A favorite among the sugary cereals of my youth... Made me think of my brother so I draw him in the enclosure. Nice little fuzz. At the lowest it's still pretty dirty. Nice colorful fuzz.
  12. Dali

    My Soldering station died tonight

    It sucks. Bought in 2016, probably on Aliexpress for 60$. Youyue 8586. What is weird is that the Air Gun still function but when I try to start the soldering side, it blinks half a second then nothing. I opened it but can't really find a fusible or nothing of help. So yes I will replace it...
  13. Dali

    Hatchet OD

    Nice little overdrive. Hyper simple circuit to build. Maybe the most basic I built so far. Drive a bit past noon turns on the distorsion side.
  14. Dali

    Golgotha Compressor (Delegate Boneyard)

    Well, I did finish the enclosure *before* testing, hence the May 8th date inside... If I knew I would blow 2 ICs once it didn't work at first. Now it's working. My surprise was with the Sustain control. Over 12 O'clock, it turns into an Overdrive pedal. I don't know if it's on purpose or...
  15. Dali

    SOLVED First try using audio probe

    Newbie Xtreme here. I just "build" this high end audio probe (100nf) on the tip. I first tested on a working pedal because every article in the Universe says to use the other wire (red-then-black-alligator in my case to GROUND) and I was not sure about what is ground... (see my level...
  16. Dali

    Delegate Boneyard has LED turning OFF

    I just finish a Delegate Boneyard Edition. When I turn on 9v, the 5mm Transparent LED goes on for 2 seconds then fade out. Same thing for the sound. If I play during those 2 seconds with the pedal engage, I got sound for those 2 seconds then it vanish. If 3PDT is OFF the pedal being bypassed...
  17. Dali

    Replacements parts for Marigold, Waddle and Backfeeder?

    I got many parts in 3 futur PedalPCB build that seems a bit rough to get. Any of replacements or suggestion? I've checked Tayda,, and Small Bear. I know I can gamble on eBay and Amazon... Marigold CG92H Germanium Diode (What is this thing?) OC140 Germanium transistor (12$...
  18. Dali

    Circulator (Phaser / Vibrato)

    Another keeper ! This one as TONS of sound and all controls have impact. In my book it's the definition of the Modulation category. Clean or with a dirt pedal first, it brings back memories of the 80's while I started playing guitar. Very happy with that one!
  19. Dali

    Tremolo de Foucault (Pendulum Harmonic Tremolo)

    Maybe my fastest build ever and I was arrogant with myself enough to fully box it with knobs and back screws, without testing it first and you know what? It worked! :) I tried a new kind of paper instead of water slide because I was tired of almost no colors, no yellow or white. Koala...
  20. Dali

    Ultisol ( Dawner Prince Red Rox)

    I may say that after every build... But I think it's my new favorite dirt pedal.