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  1. Robusto

    Document Suggestion

    It would be cool if the documentation for PCBs here that have trimpots would make note of what they are for and what to look/listen for when adjusting.
  2. Robusto

    Requests from an EQD fanboy

    For your consideration, my perpetual PCB fantasies from the discontinued EQD pile: Dream Crusher - Germanium fuzz Fuzz Master General - Octave Fuzz Grey Channel - Dual Overdrive Interstellar Orbiter - Dual Filter Pitch Bay - Harmonizer Sound Shank - Fuzz Spires - Fuzz Doubler Transmisser -...
  3. Robusto

    A couple of questions on building the ProtoBoard

    Hello all, I started building my ProtoBoard last night, and I have a couple of questions: 1. I've seen a couple pictures where people are using wires with a jumper connection on one end and a pin for the breadboard on the other end to provide power to the breadboard. Where can I find these...
  4. Robusto

    2N2222A - PN2222A - P2N2222A

    Hello, Other than minding the pin outs, is there a particular reason that one is better than the other in the Depot Fuzz? Thanks!
  5. Robusto

    Probing the Conqueror

    I’ve built the Conqueror a number of times now. Having an issue with latest version of the pcb. I’ve done a little probing around. I’m getting signal from the transistors, but nothing from the switch poles, which leads me to suspect the transformer. I’m using 42TM013, and the layout has changed...
  6. Robusto

    My Fox is howling

    Hello, I finished up with the Muffin Fuzz Foxey Lady version last night. Getting howling/squealing if either the volume or gain is turned up past 3 o'clock. Is this likely to be transistors with gain too high? I've rechecked all the parts are correct, and it sounds amazing if I keep the pots...
  7. Robusto

    Grover Drive trim pot

    The trim on Q2 collector, can someone tell me what voltage this should be biased to? Thanks!
  8. Robusto

    SOLVED Caesar Chorus no blend

    Greetings, Just finished this pedal and I have silence on the right hand side of the blend knob which means no effect. Is there a schematic?
  9. Robusto

    Leprechaun expression jack

    Hi all, Can someone give me a link to where I can get the correct expression jack for the Leprechaun? This is my first project with an expression jack, and I've already ordered the wrong thing twice. Thanks!
  10. Robusto

    Caesar Chorus

    What is the trim pot adjusting and what value should we setting it to? Thanks!
  11. Robusto

    Conqueror Supreme

    Did I do this right? The left footswitch under the mid selector is controlling distortion and the right footswitch under the gain knob is controlling the mid boost? Seems backwards?
  12. Robusto

    Windmill parts questions

    I'm too excited for this to wait for the doc! Is the 270p cap supposed to be film? The lowest voltage Mouser carries is 1kV :oops: Am I searching wrong? I think your layouts are pretty standardized, so I'm guessing I could use any similarly laid out 4 pot project for the drilling template...
  13. Robusto

    Starboard Fuzz - Fuzz control seems backwards

    Hey, Just finished the Starboard Fuzz (Mosrite FUZZrite). It seems like the fuzz control is functioning in reverse. 100% Clockwise the fuzz is kinda quiet - 100% counterclockwise and it seems much more intense. Is this normal for this circuit, or do I have some other weird problem? Thanks!
  14. Robusto

    Chicken Head Transistor Info

    Hey there... What hfe am I looking for with the Chicken Head fuzz and what voltage should it be biased to? Thanks!
  15. Robusto

    Super '64 trim pots

    What are they for? What am I measuring and where? Thanks!
  16. Robusto

    SOLVED Glory Hole microphonic

    Hey gang, Finished the Glory Hole last night, and I gotta say it is amazing! Like, literally my new favorite overdrive pedal. Weird thing: there's something slightly microphonic going when I hit the switch I hear it in the amp. Not like a pop that the pulldown resistor would fix, but...
  17. Robusto

    Kliché Overdrive

    Rite of Passage achievement unlocked... Yes, I chopped off the battery holder. Kind of pointless, I guess there was plenty of room.
  18. Robusto

    What is the switch type on the Super '64?

    Want to verify if I have one or not before my next parts order. Thanks!
  19. Robusto

    Will there be a schematic for the Leprechaun?