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  1. Big Monk

    “The Fuzz”

    So, it’s finally happened. “The Fuzz” is here. And yes, the enclosure is fucked up. My drill plan had the frequency switch on the wrong side. It’s a blessing in disguise really. I drilled a temp hole and modified my graphics and drill plan a bit today ahead of ordering the final enclosures...
  2. Big Monk

    2 Loop Switcher with Flip-Flop? (Quartermaster 2)

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a schematic similar to the Quartermaster 2 with the flip flop switching?
  3. Big Monk

    Big Monk Pi - Gilmour Monk’s Head

    So I’ve been down a rabbit hole the past few days looking at diodes for sale at SBE with an eye toward a specific forward voltage range. I currently have a Muffin build that is modeled on the 1973 #3 Ram’s Head from KR’s site. In his section on conponents and their effects on the BMP circuit...
  4. Big Monk

    Blend Box for Mooer E-Lady

    I drew this up today: I'm looking for a minimally invasive way to: a.) Get unity Volume b.) A simple tone control c.) A blend control Anyone have any critiques of this circuit? It was a fairly basic clean opamp boost section that replaces the "Buff" in a buff and blend that has an AMZ tone...
  5. Big Monk

    G&L Passive Treble and Bass on Les Paul

    Just wanted to throw a PSA out there about the G&L PTB control set. I have it on my HH Strat but had never tried it on a dual volume guitar. I took the Epi to the lab tonight and it’s a resounding success. Essentially it’s a master tone, wired 50s style and a bass cut control. With the bass...
  6. Big Monk

    Vintage Style Fuzz Face (Battery Box Mini Content)

    “Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ Monk, are we still yammering on about Fuzz Faces? 🙄” 😁 If you can sit through my rambling, maybe I’ll have a point in the end…😂 I’ve gone deep into the Fuzz Face recently. “The Fuzz” was a real technical and practical deep dive for me and I’ve really come to love...
  7. Big Monk

    Compact Charge Pump Board?

    Before I put a board together myself, I thought I’d ping the collective. Is there a very small footprint Charge Pump board available for voltage doubling? I’m laying out my pedalboard and organizing underneath I’m planning a power patch box to do the following: 1.) Use 3 adjustable...
  8. Big Monk

    High Voltage Power Supply

    Goofing around with development on getting > 26 vDC out of a 9 vDC supply: I’m simulating load with the big 1k resistors. Unloaded I get around 29 vDC. It drops to around 27 vDC with one 1k and 25.6 vDC with 2 in parallel for 500 ohm. This was just proof of concept and I don’t have any...
  9. Big Monk

    ElectroVibe Mini/"MonkVibe" Prototype

    I've been working here and there on a design for a revised and slightly re-imagined UniVibe circuit. @Chuck D. Bones has given me some design elements, with a reworked Opamp front end in particular along with several other improvements, based on talks we have had. My plan is to do some R&D...
  10. Big Monk

    Schematic to PCB in DipTrace

    Anyone know of a good tutorial for taking a more complex circuit through the schematic to PCB and routing in DipTrace?
  11. Big Monk

    Missing Link Audio Peacock

    Been looking for one of these for a while. I used to see them around quite a bit and never picked one up. Don’t know much about it but I’m a huge Duane era ABB fan and the clips I’ve heard have always sound pretty good.
  12. Big Monk

    Fuzz/Wah Switcher

    I was looking over the PedalPCB utility section and noticed the Order Switcher breakout board. This got my gears going as I have wanted to build a small box that switches my Fuzz before Wah and vice versa. In short, I really like those extra vowelly sounds you get with a Fuzz driving the Wah...
  13. Big Monk

    PCB Tube Socket Footprints in Diptrace?

    Anyone have a library of PCB tube sockets in Diptrace? Mostly just looking for 8 and 9 pin.
  14. Big Monk

    Test Modules

    So I’ve been having issues with breadboarding. When I got back into the hobby I placed a mass order of nearly every value of resistor, cap, etc. to breadboard with. Problem is the leads on the 1/8w and 1/4w resistors from Tayda are flimsy and I’ve had inconsistent results on my previous...
  15. Big Monk

    The Protoboard Chronicles: “The Fuzz”

    Here it is. The artist formally known as 2001: A Fuzz Odyssey. A victim of knob shaming. A modified JHF1. An Enhanced Silicon Fuzz Face.
  16. Big Monk

    Vertical Electrovibe

    Hear me out Bugg… I’ve bonded with my full size Electrovibe after my personal mods and moving the Offset and Gain controls outside. However, the horizontal configuration is not as pedalboard friendly as a vertical one. Not expecting anything but I would be pumped…
  17. Big Monk

    Modifying my cheap Chinese power supplies...

    I have a number of these small and compact O’traki power supplies in both sizes: They won’t win me any style points on TGP but they are pretty quiet and I like their size. Also, since I make my own boards out of wood, I like the mounting flanges. The one thing that bugs me a bit is the...
  18. Big Monk


    I feel like a tool posting a build report for this but Chris insisted and I want to spread the word on how much I’m enjoying it. @thewintersoldier reached out to me before Christmas and asked if I’d be interested in him building me a Rat. I’d never played one and he was building one for...
  19. Big Monk

    The Real BSIAB/MIAB

    So I’ve been playing this little toy through a 10” Celestion for about 2 years now. I use it to practice but also for very convincing cranked up Marshall tones at low volume. It has 2 mods: 1.) The headphone jack has been converted to an extension speaker out with a resistive attenuator in...
  20. Big Monk

    The Protoboard Chronicles: The Replacement Fuzz

    So, I can never leave well enough alone. I went in to change the emitter cap on my hybrid Fuzz Face and all hell broke loose. Crazy ground hum, oscillation, etc. I had an issue with my instrument cable which confused the matter. In the end, I did not really feel like troubleshooting it. I have...