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  1. jjjimi84

    What to do with these tubes?

    @Harry Klippton with the best advice that has ever been given on any forum.
  2. jjjimi84

    DEMO Woodpecker Tremolo

    The few loud moments videos will be just that succinct and to the point. I have more long form stuff coming up and will be peppering the channel with shorter videos for those with shorter attention spans. Although the youtube anal licktics tells me most watch for two and a half minutes and...
  3. jjjimi84

    DEMO Woodpecker Tremolo

    I actually had one, i may have more if you need one.
  4. jjjimi84

    Lectric FX SH3 (EHX Small Stone)

    Hats off to Will on that logo that shit is killer! That build turned out great and nice job sticking with it, I would have thrown it in the street and cursed wildly.
  5. jjjimi84

    DEMO Woodpecker Tremolo

    Here is my little demo of the Woodpecker Tremolo, a super easy build that sounds really great. Oh lets look at them gutz!
  6. jjjimi84 Space Harp 3, a couple dragons and the dark lord

    I will never stop painting, i am too lazy to learn how to photoshop or whatever. Editing videos and working at a computer all day is too much tech for this guy
  7. jjjimi84 Space Harp 3, a couple dragons and the dark lord

    @thewintersoldier are you challenging a cocksman to a game of you show me yours ill show you mine?
  8. jjjimi84 Space Harp 3, a couple dragons and the dark lord

    Thank you and you nailed it, it really works wonders on single coils.
  9. jjjimi84 Space Harp 3, a couple dragons and the dark lord

    There are certain things that UV printing can do that I cannot. For instance I have some really great Transformer comics that have incredible amounts of detail and straight lines that this old shakey handed fuck cannot do. One day I will have Shockwave on a pedal and it will be glorious.
  10. jjjimi84 Space Harp 3, a couple dragons and the dark lord

    Here is a little gem from a fine fella, a real fell sweller. It is the Space Harp V3 and it is a kick ass pedal and a mighty tasty build. In this video I talk briefly about my love of all of you crazy bastards and I hope you all know what it means to me to have you guys watch these...
  11. jjjimi84

    What do you use to paint enclosures?

    Dudes think I am cool? Well now we are getting somewhere!
  12. jjjimi84

    What do you use to paint enclosures?

    Thanks mate, its all for the love of the game. Certainly aint making no money or getting any chicks.
  13. jjjimi84

    What do you use to paint enclosures?

    I did one time but it ruined the hand painted image because I used clear coat enamel. I have yet to see the hand painted image get too beat up it is usually the background on the sides and corners that takes the beating. Plus my method does not lend itself to doing another clear coat after the...
  14. jjjimi84

    Who’s afraid of the DuoPhase?

    I feel like there is a really interesting story here but it says a lot about a person when your whole band quits because you (willy) is an ego maniac. I have never met the guy but he does come across a bit pretentious. I feel like I am like most people, I dig the first couple of albums but then...
  15. jjjimi84

    Who’s afraid of the DuoPhase?

    @Betty Wont nailed it! Its not particularly hard just a lot of stuff to populate. One of my favorites and is coming up in a video soon. I love Siamese Dream by SP and it nails that sound beautifully
  16. jjjimi84

    What do you use to paint enclosures?

    I use posca paint pens and various paints and brushes. My go to is using an airbrush with enamel paints to do backgrounds and then i clear coat it and then hand paint with acrylic paint.
  17. jjjimi84

    The Path to Mediocrity is Really Very Simple..

    Looks great, many moons ago i painted a boo on a pedal. Love seeing mario stuff on pedals
  18. jjjimi84

    VFE Standout

    Agreed!!! All of the VFE stuff is pretty involved, the new SPS is really streamlined and sounds great. Nice build though, that standout really does standout! Oh yeah Dad joke winner of the day!
  19. jjjimi84

    Pepperbox (Volt Thrower)

    I am unsure i have a box of populated boards it could be in there
  20. jjjimi84

    Pepperbox (Volt Thrower)

    Looking really great! The effectslayouts bass pedals are next in the build queue, this post is amping me up