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  1. duffy_lane

    Spatialist with Clock Module?

    Has anyone done this? Getting started on this build trying to decide if using the clock module would be a good idea. Only concerned that the pitch verb program might never be in key bc I'm going to use an external B10k pot. Guess I could overwrite that one with something else if it doesn't work...
  2. duffy_lane

    LM258P Despair

    Getting desperate to finish this Low Tide 😁 Didn't realize the smd LM258PT was gonna be so small. Glad I got 2 as I ripped one of the legs off the first one trying to stretch em out to fit the adapter board. Lots of solder bc the legs just couldn't reach
  3. duffy_lane

    6-Band EQ (Potentiometer Version) center detent pots

    Guess I'll start with a sanity check: The center is 0hz (no change in eq) for the potentiometer version correct? Has anyone done this build with center detent pots? If so which ones did y'all use? Having trouble finding B50K pcb mount versions. Alpha seems to have the option but I'm having...
  4. duffy_lane

    Boogie Monster Debug

    Hey y'all. Having trouble with my Boogie Monster build. Not getting any sound thru the Auditorium test platform but the LED lights up. (I don't think the auditorium is the issue.) Here was the test setup (is the wiring correct?)...
  5. duffy_lane

    Auditorium Test Platform Example

    Could someone please post an example of using the Auditorium with a pcb wired to it? Not sure if I'm using it correctly. Not getting any sound when its active but the LED of the board I'm trying to test does light up... I do get signal thru the auditorium board in bypass and when its active...
  6. duffy_lane

    Parthenon Overdrive JRC4580 substitute?

    Hey y'all, I'm sourcing parts and can't find a JRC4580 IC. Has anyone used a substitute for this build or a similar one? **Edit** if anyone has 2 for sale hmu! Thanks!