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  1. jubal81

    Guitar pots recommendation

    Looking for recommendations for some really good guitar pots: better taper, quality feel. I know there are some companies speccing out 'premium' pots and I'm not sure what's out there and what's really worth the extra dough.
  2. jubal81

    Fuzzduster JFET Muff

    I liked my design from Chuck's contest so much I got a PPCB Muffin board and got it all boxed up. The schematic is in the link, but the general idea is it's pretty much a Big Muff made over with all JFET transistors - including using them for the clipping diodes. The tone control is modified...
  3. jubal81

    Chuck's 'lectric Mama Flanger

    It's one of the coolest things I've seen in the DIY pedal world and the original Chuck D Bones Flanger can NOT NOT be a thing. We all need this.
  4. jubal81

    Surfy Industries Modulation pedals

    Was looking around on Freestomp forum and found some links to threads at Musikding (in German) where people are breaking down the Surfy Industries Vibrato and Tremolo pedals and they're pretty interesting designs. (Links go through Google Translate) The Vibrato tries to emulate Magnatone but...
  5. jubal81

    Black Cock Fuzz (Pink/Purple)

    Did my own layout for the Pink/Purple fuzz and it originally called it 'Brown Bear' until I happened upon a video about all-black chickens from Indonesia called Ayam Cemani. Highly prized, they're called the 'Lamborghini of chickens.' I think the double entendre is hilarious. My wife is...
  6. jubal81

    Boneyard: Mosfet Driver Redux

    Bones cooked up a tasty looking drive that's a soft-clipping gain stage mule kicking a couple mosfets. Schematic in this thread.
  7. jubal81

    The Mechanic - a servo-biased Ge Fuzz

    So I was fumbling around with using an opamp servo to bias JFETs and Chuck followed with a killer servo design for a Fuzz Face-style Germanium fuzz. In short, it's the absolute BALLS. Easily among the favorite fuzz boxes I've ever built - or played, for that matter. You can see the schematic and...
  8. jubal81

    Van Weelden Royal Overdrive

    It's massive. It's crazy expensive. It's hard to get. It's sickening I didn't buy one before they were discontinued and ONLY $700. The excavation thread has 12,000 views, so I thought I'd go ahead and get it in the list.
  9. jubal81

    Fun with JFETs and servos

    Chuck's thread on the Brownout OD finally motivated me to do some breadboarding with JEFTs and opamp servos for biasing. So far, things are looking pretty neat. I put together a couple stages of the Wampler Black 65 for testing and sure enough, I'm able to swap in and out JFETs willy-nilly and...
  10. jubal81

    Square hole strategy

    Still need to do my EQ pedal with sliders and wondering if there's any suggestions for tools for cutting out big square holes in the cast aluminum boxes.
  11. jubal81

    Benson Ge Fuzz

    Supposed to have some kind of temp/bias/servo thing and a pickup simulator. Sounds like some interesting stuff going on.
  12. jubal81

    Ming the Merciless - Phase 2

    Finally got around to finishing this one today when I had an inspiration for a LDR cap. Took a pot dust cap, covered it with aluminum foil and then some white duct tape i had around. Then I took another strip of foil and applied the tape to both sides, like a duct tape-aluminum foil sandwich...
  13. jubal81

    The MacGuffin - A Dumble ODS preamp with submini tubes

    Wife working from home started me on a silent rig quest that led me this and now I'm in headphone heaven. It's a full Dumble ODS preamp with Russian 6n17b submini tubes in a 1590XX enclosure. I used grill cloth to cover the heat vent ports for the tubes. Well-worn 555 SMPS with about 140V at...
  14. jubal81

    Double FV-1 Reverb

    This turned out to be one of the most challenging builds I've done in a while because of the way I wanted everything to fit together. The idea is one side for subtle, always-on reverb and using channel-switching mode on the intelligent relay bypass to go to another, more intense reverb. Left...
  15. jubal81

    Ubu Roi (Modded KOT)

    This guy is a KOT with all the controls on the top. I used a 2P4T rotary to replace the dip switches for all 4 clipping options and included a toggle for normal/HiGain modes. I also used Rail-to-rail opamps and added another inverting stage to have more output on tap (like morning glory) and...
  16. jubal81

    Rose of Tralee (modded Klone)

    Made my own Klone version. True bypass. Used rail-to-rail opamps and got rid of the charge pump. Use an 18V plug from my TruTone power supply. The OD/Dist adds feedback clippers on the gain opamp and the other switch toggles Ge, Si and N2 molecular junction clippers.
  17. jubal81

    Whiskey River (Complex OD)

    Mentioned in another thread, but this is my favorite MIAB among all I've ever built. Sounds every bit as good as the demos. Only substitute I made was using TLC2272 because I didn't have any 072s on hand. Sounded so good, I just left them in there. Just have to remember not to plug in 18V...
  18. jubal81

    Radium and Spacialist control layout Qs

    I'm working on the art for a dual reverb with the Radium and Spacialist and I'm just not 100% on the controls and I'd appreciate a confirmation, if possible. The other thing I'm not 100% on is the switch on the Radium. I don't want to use the tremolo modes, and it looks like I just need to...
  19. jubal81

    The Pinche Cabron - an AS3046D Superfuzz

    I went over to Smallbear's site and noticed a new IC he's stocking on the front page. It's the AS3046D, which is 5 BJT, NPN transistors, with two of them a matched, differential pair. Since reading Chuck's transistor matching thread the other day, I've had the Superfuzz on the brain, since I've...
  20. jubal81

    Hydra is Niiice

    Belle Epoch going on Reverb. Love the Hydra. A few notes: squeezed in film caps and used PPCB relay switch. 'Pro' momentary switches from LMS feel great.