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    Cleaver no sound or fuzzy

    This is not your problem now, but I will just say that over time I have had a lot more trouble with case-grounded jack sockets when they loosen off a bit with use than I have ever had with ground loops.
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    L5 Preamp woes

    For the switch this is what you are looking for
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    Paragon, No Sound

    It sounds like your ground and power are shorted. With the power off measure for continuity/resistance between D7 cathode and ground. If they are shorted then you will need to work out where - could be a poor solder joint, a pot without proper insulation on the back, a dead component...
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    Sagan delay power pin continuity question

    Hard to read, but one of them seems to be labelled LGND and the other GND. That suggests to me that they are both grounds with the LGND being a ground with a particular purpose (for example it is quite common in digital circuits to have a digital ground and analog ground that are only connected...
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    SOLVED overdrive

    If your gain control is changing the volume then it is working. You are either not getting clipping, or the signal is not getting loud enough to clip. D1 to D6 look like different clipping stages, so check them for polarity and connection, and no shorts to anywhere they should be connected...
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    Ocelot Octave: No Sound

    Another tip I remembered. Play closer to the neck of the bass (or guitar), not the bridge. You want as much fundamental frequency and as little as possible of the upper frequencies for good tracking.
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    SOLVED Mach 1 problem

    The usual convention is that a red wire carries positive power supply and black carries ground for DC circuits. That is such a universal standard that you are going to confuse yourself and others if you don't follow it. May not be worth changing for this one, but do it in future. Photos of...
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    Ocelot Octave: No Sound

    The other thing to try is turn the clean all the way down and just use Oct 1. There's only one sound available bit it's cool synth sound.
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    Ocelot Octave: No Sound

    My experience with the real one is that with only octave 1 on you don't want to go much lower than the b on the second fret of the a string. From memory you can go a little lower but you have to be careful. Octave 2 I always turned off. If you go too low the second octave will easily go below...
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    D3LAY- Only dry signal

    The photo is not great, but Pins 4-8 on the FV-1 look a bit dodgy. Pin 9-13 look as if they are not soldered. Pin 23 also looks not soldered. There is solder there, but it does not look as if it connect the pin to the pad. Try examining them through a magnifier and resoldering with the...
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    Lone King Overdrive Issues

    Agreed. That cap is very suspect
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    Angry Andy Plus - Bug or feature?

    At the very least these joints look as if they need re-soldering.
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    Angry Andy Plus - Bug or feature?

    Stick at it. It's a nice sounding pedal and definitely can be done without the squealing
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    Angry Andy Plus - Bug or feature?

    There is possibility of bad solder too. We haven't seen the solder side of the board. It would be pretty normal for a double sided board for the solder to have wicked through the holes so you can see a bit on the non-solder side. There are a lot of joints there where you can't see any solder...
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    Angry Andy Plus - Bug or feature?

    A probe will definitely tell you which part of the circuit is generating the noise. Won't necessarily tell you why, but if you can narrow down where then that will help with the why.
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    Angry Andy Plus - Bug or feature?

    Even thin guitar cable is going to be pretty thick, but yes it will work. Ground the shield at one end
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    PedalPCB VHS - No output from FV-1

    Just to be sure, measure the voltages at the middle pin of the chorus and reverb bots as you turn the pots. You have marked them as 3.3v. They should vary from 3.3v to 0 as they are turned.
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    Ridiculously loud output volume with Roboto

    Have you got an audio probe? Could be useful to probe the circuit and work out where the volume increase happens
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    PedalPCB VHS - No output from FV-1

    It might be worth grounding pin 13 to activate the internal programs of the FV-1 and see if you get sound then. That would eliminate the EEPROM as an issue
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    Angry Andy Plus - Bug or feature?

    I had to make sure the switch was really well grounded to the case on mine